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Washington DC, 2016- Part 1&2

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but lots of things have happened since the last post.

The changing energetics have kept me “flattened” on certain days.  The Brit has gone to Scotland.

I’ve had an unusual neck injury. Friends are very ill, some have passed over.  I’ve been called to assist with a few interesting ceremonies and healing adventures.

I’m sure you understand, as  I’m sure you, too, have had many things going on… its just the way it is right now! 

Nevertheless, I’m very happy to post some of the final legs of the 2016 mission.

As always, go up to “crowtravels” (above). You can now read the first 2 days of information about the Washington DC ceremonies. Looking back on it, I still can’t believe all we did.

Every day, I found out new things that connect me to all that took place, things that help me understand certain facets of the journey, certain meanings behind meanings. I will share more of that as I can, but for now, the goal is to get the all final stories posted.

So here you go…I hope you enjoy.

Day 1 and Day 2 are posted. Day 3 and 4 are to come, as well as the summary and journey home.

Be well, friends, and keep your head about you in these days of confusion…there are many illusions and distractions about. Use your spirit eyes, keep your soul protected but most of all…share your love.



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