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Washington, DC Day 3-Part 1

As always go up to crowtravels and hit the link…

It’s been long in coming, but I finally have this part up. I appreciate the patience you show in waiting for me to get these logs posted, I’m doing my best!

There is more to come, I’m hoping it wont be another 3 weeks, but it will be what it is.

Many thanks to all who recently sent Reiki and energy and prayers for my Pop who was in the hospital. He’s home now and recovering. Your love and attention to his dilemma are so appreciated.  Caw!

When I get this  Summer 2016 mission finally posted, I will be adding some things weekly as they come along, things I think you’ll enjoy and that may even broaden your already widdening perspective of this amazing time we are experiencing… and creating.

And, we truly are CREATING our world…so, now – more than ever – our thoughts, our desires and our fears(if that is what we focus on) are being fed and birthed.

Which wolf will you feed?Two Wolves Tale

Start today, and let go of everything you don’t need. Dismiss everything that does not serve you, and that is not yours to deal with.


Rewrite your story and stop living in what has already happened. Ignore the ridiculous, smile and wave at those who try to wrangle you into the illusions.

YOU can see the truth.

Return to love…

Live it!






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