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Washington DC Day 3, Pt 2

New Update here at “crowtravels”:

I hope you enjoy todays update of the ‘Summer Mission 2016″. Im almost done! yay!


Today is the 8-8, Lions Gate.

Meanwhile, today is the Lions Gate, 8-8*.  I hope you will use a part of today to clarify and “ignite” your own fire by using the cosmic energies.Plan your own ceremony or just sit and mediate or pray, using the energies to help you create your dream.

*Lions Gate is when we are in the heart of the Sirius alignment. Our ancestors venerated the Sirius star alignment, and the New Year began on July 26, the first day Sirius aligns and returns to the horizon. Today, 8-8, is the pinnacle of that new opening,  and the gate ends on 8-12.

Here’s an interesting blog on the event for those interested. I feel it had some really worthy info about what we are all going through:

8-8 Lions Gate Activations

Here’s another:

Day Out Of Time and Lions Gate

I’m sure there are many more.

As for me, I’ve been reading a lot lately about the calendar, or should I say calendars, that govern our very moment.


There are so many versions…our calendar is a solar calendar, called the Gregorian calendar (based on the Julian calendar, based on the Roman calendar, based on the moon calendar….)

There are all manner of ways to “calendar” yourself…from minutes and hours to days, weeks, months, seasons years, decades…

No wonder we all feel out of balance, and out of time!

You may wish to review and/or to investigate the original time-keeping of our Earth and find a new way to live in time. Make your own calendar and sync yourself to the earth, moon and stars!

And enjoy today’s Mayan interpretation of the Lions Gate:



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