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I don’t know exactly what happened yesterday and today…but soft disclosure is becoming “firmed up” in ways I haven’t ever seen, and you can bet by year’s end things are going to be unlike anything we can imagine. I guess someone left that Lions Gate open!

I really thought by now I would have finished posting the final chapter of the “Summer 2016 Mission”…but the recent loss of a dear friend and several other things have preempted my posting the closing stories. I will get to them, but today’s stories take precedent.

This intel can’t wait, so I’m posting 4 things that you need to see..if you haven’t already.

Caveat…if you aren’t up to date, you better get there quick, because our world is about to get real crazy, real fast. And I do mean CRAZY and I do mean FAST! If any of the intel presented here overwhelms you, just take step back and BREATHE.

Just remember: YOU are lucky enough to be HERE while all THIS is going ON!

So, put on your favorite tin foil hat and strap in…gonna be a fun ride!


If you don’t know Keshe, it’s time you did. He’s either the Tesla of our time or he’s the PT Barnum, and time will ultimately tell us. There been so much dis-info related to Keshe being put out there by the trolls (he IS Iranian, after all!) that its hard to tell where some of this info comes from, but THEY are working very very hard to discredit him…so that makes me think he’s a white hat.

And, my gut tells me Keshe is the real deal. Ive listened to quite a few of his university teaching videos.

Even if he isn’t, whats he’s purporting (which is: to give away the info for all humans to have FREE energy devices, no patents, FREE to all countries of the world) is so NON criminal cabal, that I support it no matter what’s really happening  surrounding Keshe.

In any case, he’s got some rather large energy balls, because he’s taking his free energy devices and information for a presentation at the National Press Club TODAY. (This is the same place Dr.Steven Greer had his big event on Disclosure back in 2001)

I haven’t watched the Keshe presentation, but I know it’s gotta be important that he’s doing it in Washington DC.  (wasn’t I just there? hmmm…)

One way or another Keshe is telling his story and getting his stuff out there in spite of many tries to stop him. He’s doing it, and its important.

Here’s  another good post, with background on Keshe:


As with Keshe, if you don’t know Corey Goode you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

This post is Part one of some of the most fabulous and incredible intel I have heard in some time. Makes the crow feathers tingle! Caw!

All I can say is…you must read through to the end, and you better watch out, you better not cry,  because the Sun is about to sneeze and you want to be sure you are ready! Folks, life is changing and if Corey’s stuff isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, how about this one:


  1. July Monthly update8.7.16 2.Joint Interview8.13.16  3. Situation Update 8.17.16

Not 1, not 2, but 3 big BIG posts by Cobra in the past 2 weeks.  I just want to say you need to carve out time to read and digest these reports and listen to these interviews. As with Corey , if you don’t know Cobra, you should – and its time you start catching up, because your mind must be stretched and these new ideas, images, thoughts and realities tried on for size.

They aren’t all easily digested…but like hot peppers, you’ll get to where you take the heat if you just start eating.

Oh yea…remember I got to experience the Cobra tachyon chamber my recent travels? Yea, remember that?  Well…guess who’s fooling around with tachyons? Thats right, my favorite Quantum Shaman: Michio Kaku himself.

You can’t make this stuff up. Its HAPPENING!!!!


Last but not least on this intel-rich day is the trailer for the new movie ARRIVAL.

Look, this film is obviously  in the style of  “OH, the big bad aliens are coming to get us! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!”  …I mean, octopus/squid beings that eject ink? Cmon, thats a direct link to cabal imagery and symbolism . Go back and watch the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony –They luuuuuuuv  themselves some octopi! ( The octopus symbolizes the self-proclaimed far reaching tentacles of their organization, and is from the era when cartoonists used the octopus to portray Standard Oil back in the days of monopoly. just do a search on Standard Oil Octopus…the early 1900’s images are incredible!)

Nevertheless, it IMPORTANT because they are drip-drip disclosing info about first contact. They are telling us its coming.

And, they WANT you to be brainwashed to be afraid.You are not going to be seeing any ET type movies this summer.

But ,YOU can see the truth and YOU will not be afraid!

Spoiler-The big disclosure sentence in the trailer:

“Its possible they’re prodding us to fight amongst ourselves”


Final chuckle….the release date?  why 11.11 of course!

Thats it for today kids, enjoy it while you can..its going to get real HOT.






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