Washington,DC Day 3-Pt2

(continued from Day 3,Pt 1)


Leaving the White House we headed toward the WWII memorial, which separates the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial. Here, I had not planned a special ceremony at all, but was called to do several as I came to it.

This is very new memorial, opening in 2004. The site is originally home to the Rainbow Pool, which has now (sadly)been incorporated into the memorial. The original pool has been lowered into the ground, and now not nearly as beautiful.[ And, I saw no rainbow ;-(  ]

War memorials are very conflicting for me. I see most of them not as a means to honor those lost (as they should be) but as a way to honor and exalt war itself. We seem to want to make sure the “glory” of war is remembered, and not the horror.

Both of my parents were in the military, stationed at Pear Harbor, just after the war ended.  I understand the honor and sacrifice of our veterans and I hold them all in the highest regard.

I only hope that future generations realize that what and who they are giving their life for is NOT what and who they think it is.


There were several ceremonies for freedom and peace performed here. Because the states and territories are displayed separately, I was guided to the specific areas of these markers and the individual ceremonies were done.

In addition, this is where the Brexit ceremony was performed.

Ceremonies were performed for:

  • my home state of Mississippi:
    • I honored my ancestors, my friends and family and the great and hospitable people of Mississippi. I left a large piece of Mississippi mud/clay, collected and used in the Bear Dance ceremony (native healing ceremony). May she be free of ignorance, control and come back to her greatness as a place of abundance and charity.

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  • Puerto Rico– Like Hawaii, Puerto Rico was not able to defend itself against the territorial aggression of the Spanish or the USA. The Spanish invasion was of course, Columbus, and America invaded her during the Spanish-American war in 1898 (same year Hawaii was officially “annexed”), and has never let her go.  (PR history) Taxation here has put PR into bankruptcy, (and of course, so it has with the USA if the truth was acknowledged.)
    • Ceremony to  open a doorway and allow the liberation of her people, abundance,  and to free us all from the ridiculous notion of taxation and debt.

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  • Hawaii– My love for the Kingdom of Hawaii knows no boundaries. I’ve written in previous pages about the true history of Hawaii- that is was a sovereign Nation of the world and the US performed a coup d’etat, overthrowing her government and capturing her lands an people. Even though our govementment admits this, they refuse to let her go.
    • Ceremony was for courage, support, patience and a doorway to true liberationnot establishing a reservation!

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  • Brexit – the ceremony here was also for courage and freedom. (The EU was established to create a permanent control and enslavement of the people and commerce of  Europe and Great Britain.)
    • I did this ceremony the day before the vote, and felt it was something important to add to the other freedom ceremonies.
    • On June 23, the next day, the people of GB said “I DO NOT CONSENT” and released themselves from the chains of the EU. Whether or not the CIC (criminals in charge) actually continue to play the game of punishment toward Britain for daring to leave, the ceremony here was not about whether  it is actually “good” or “bad” that they pulled out, it was about re-igniting the energies of the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

No one, especially a county like the USA that was founded on freedom to choose, should ever try to manipulate, coerce or force others to do their bidding.


I walked along the  lengthy reflecting pool, thinking about all those who had died in wars. Rarely are wars about freedom. Most wars are for nothing other that power and control of 1) religion and 2) money.

Thats it. Nothing more.

As the great Major General Smelly Butler, author of ” War is a Racket” and winner of 16 military medals (5 for valor) said,

“I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it.”

When the great warriors of the wars tell us their truths, we must listen. It is they who serve the front lines, shouldn’t we hear what they are telling us?

When we know that wars are created by fans flag events, such at the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the Vietnam War Vietnam war, why do we continue to jump aboard the “them-us” train and continue to rah-rah about this candidate or that, or whether this country or that religion should be dealt with.

When will we accept it’s all staged?

I was not able to get to the nearby Vietnam Veteran’s memorial, but I know others are doing the energetic work there. I had to keep moving along this line until I got directly to the Lincoln Memorial and the ceremony to connect it with the Washington Monument.

This was an important ceremony for me. It was planned and it was prepared for. This took a while, but I could feel the strands of energy flowing along the water and jumping across the WWII memorial…(maybe thats  one reason why I had to do those ceremonies?)  I did get a sense the WWII memorial was intentionally placed to break the connection between Washington and Lincoln.

I chose the rainbow fluorite because of its obelisk shape, and the window amethyst because of its heart shape. I’ve had both of these for a long, long time, and they have been very beneficial and comforting to me. It was a gift of love to let these go and do new work. I’m sure I looked up the meanings  when I first got them, but I’m not a true “crystal Librarian”, i.e, I can’t recall the meanings of all the crystals at will like some people do!

But, now that I read about them  gain, I see they were perfectly paired to do the jobs needed. Amethyst for peace, protection and seeing a clear way without cloudy veils-rainbow fluorite to bring peace and knowledge, clarity, purpose and order… and a ton of other things!

With these stones in place, I feel the pathway  between these two great monuments is now reconnected and working as it was meant to.

Thi was a really beautiful ceremony, like the peace wheel ceremonies they made my heart grow and light up with honor to be here, doing this on the grounds of the nations Capitol.

Its funny to be in apace you have seen so many times…and I can’t say where these crystals were placed, but I will say that had they been here when this was filmed someone may have stepped on them

I echo Forrest’s words…it was a really happy moment!

From the top

After climbing the 57 steps, I stood at the top looking out , thinking of how many historical speeches have taken place here, and then joined the throng of folks moving to take photos of Lincoln. I can only imagine this place at night, I really wish we had the time to have done that!

While I stood looking at this amazing sculpture for some time, I did not look for the face in the back of Lincoln’s head. However its interesting to see how the official “dot gov” site shows it and how an artist with creative eye shows itI see the Green Man!

I can’t reveal where I placed a crystal for him, but rest assure there is one here. Security prevented me from photographing.

I also placed one at the back, looking toward Arlington and the Pentagon. Tobacco may start growing back there from all that I tossed onto the grounds!

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Leaving the monument I paused at the famous station where the great speeches have been given.

Washington from Lincoln

From the top step, looking back.

And, I gave my own good medicine speech, although no one could hear it, as I said it privately.

Before leaving, I left a stone for the great Martin Luther King who had dream, and I dreamed my dream there, too.

MLK stone

One last ceremony was done on these grounds, bringing the waters of the earth into the reflecting pool, and a ceremony of gratitude and for personal healing. It was emotional for me to do this, but I got through it, and I will show only part of it- letting go the water, letting go a feather, carrying all good ceremonial energies back to the obelisk whose call I had heard so many years ago.

And so, after 12 miles and 16 ceremonies, it was time to walk back to the condo for a well deserved rest. My pack felt lighter, and so did my heart.

I had final visit with “her” (and I don’t know why I call her feminine, because an obelisk is most definitely masculine. But perhaps as a good friend, Duann said, I was bringing back the feminine energy to this place.)

Washington obelisk from South

Thank you, my friend!I will always remember this time together!

It seemed to take us forever to get cack to the Capitol, and I did final closing ceremony there under one of the trees on the west side.  Saying goodbye was bittersweet, and we walked the raining two miles home, where I literally crashed after a hot bath.

I must say that in returning to these moments as I now write this blog, I can’t believe all we did and how far we walked! There was so much more to do, I would have loved to have visited the Jefferson  and MLK memorials, Arlington, the Pentagon, and many many other places…but it wasn’t to be for this trip.

We did all we were meant to do at the DC area…and the next day, we would exit the area and travel to one more interesting spot before turning south for Mississippi.

And you’ll have to wait until I post that to see where it was, but it was quite an strange and “illuminating” connection.

Stay crow-tuned…

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