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Boston, Part 2

Crowtravels (at the top) now has the second part of the Boston ceremonies, part of the Big Summer Adventure 2016.

I cannot say thank you (yakoke) enough to my friend Grace and her husband, Bill, for hosting us in such high fashion,  and for sharing in our adventures. We had enormous fun, and the ceremony at the Bunker Hill Monument was really something special. A highlight on this trip, for sure.

Without this segment in Hull and Boston, I don’t believe I could have gone on to the next leg of the ceremonies… Washington DC.

I hope you will tune in for that, I’ll post it as I can. I did so many ceremonies in DC, I’m not sure I even remember them all! Its was the climax of the trip, THE REASON for the trip, and a real test of endurance for me. (We actually walked 12 miles the final day to get to all of the sites, carrying about 15 lbs of crystals and ceremony items)

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Have fantastic July 4 weekend. Much love to all light workers every where for what you do.










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