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Sibel Edmonds Comments on Podesta/Washington Blackmail

hqdefault-1This video commentary found at Newsbud is a few months old, but still relevant.

I featured Sibel in this earlier post, and since then I’ve had a few emails asking if she had commented on the Pizzagate scandal.

Here’s what I found at Newsbud under “Spotlight with Sibel and Spiro”.

The corruption brought to light in these exposed emails, and the possible implications, will not and should not go away.  Whether the Pizzagate scandal is real or not, the blackmail and corruption at the highest levels of the Deep State CIC (Criminals in Charge) is in fact very, very real.

Lots of additional links at the end for those who want more to chew on.

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Sibel Edmonds on the Record: The Podesta E-mail Scandal & the Importance of Media Integrity

In this edition of Newsbud Spotlight Sibel & Spiro cover the recent email scandal of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta and compare it to other high profile cases throughout recent history. Newsbud also examines the devious tactics of mainstream and pseudo alternative media and offers you a solution, Newsbud.

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