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March 4 Reading:Today’s Messages

Happy Birthday to all fellow March 4th-ers and fellow Pisceans!
  1. In honor of all the beautiful readings and messages I have found online today, I uploaded MY OWN very SHORT shamanic oracle reading.

ENJOY MY FRIENDS!Apologies for the microphone interference. Ill get better at this~

Highlights: Today 11:11 energies open a portal to join the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. A companion/guardian/helper is present to bridge the gap. Calling upon this companion energy in a  meditation or shamanic journey or simple quiet moment will bring you the answer you need to go forward today, and through the Venus Retrograde.

It’s all about Love, baby! Confirmed!


Who is this message for?

2) I submitted this video to David Seaman’s “deep” contest, asking for messages of wisdom. I did not win, but I hope this may be beneficial to someone out there!






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