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Hawaii’s “House of Everlasting Fire”

Kauilapeles post about the Halem’auma’u crater. 

This Crow looooooooves Hawaii. I was lucky enough to have family there for 16 years, and so I have visited and stayed long periods often. (Hey, someone’s gotta do it, you know?)

I miss swimming at Ulua Beach on Maui and having the same 3- finned turtle (honu) come and see me every year at the same lava jetty.  She was so beautiful. 

So, anyway, this post dovetails with the Oracle Report for today. Be sure to see the youtube link.

Big Island Video News 3-19-16… “VIDEO: 8 Years of Volcanic Activity At Kilauea Summit” (and an excellent way to view what Pele has been up to)[Update: two posts related to this… post 1post 2.]

About one year ago, things began building up at Halema’uma’u, until in April, 2015, the lava spilled out of the Overlook crater (vent). To me, this meant that a new foundation for the Kingdom of Hawai’i was being laid.

Anyway, I just watched this presentation (appears to be from January, 2016) and was pretty “drawn in”. There are many videos of earlier events, from March, 2008, through to the present, at Halema’uma’u.

Original article.


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