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Oracle Report 3.22.16

This report is especially helpful considering the previous post about Brussells bombings. As Laura cautions, we can expect tantrums to play out, so be ready to see this on the global stage. Remember, you have eyes to see what’s really happening, so allow all things to move, to settle as they will. Detach from the drama, and know it’s all paying out as I should when we keep our energies elevated and allow things to flow thru and around us.

highlights today’s reading:

Alright, we can expect a great deal of “theatre” the rest of the week. The energetics of the planets are setting up in advance of the Full Moon tomorrow. As noted in yesterday’s report, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday carry intensity. Since we are aware of this, we will not be so easily swayed or drawn into any drama that could be destabilizing. Equilibrium is our goal.

Do Chiron, the North Node, and Jupiter seem to be, with a volcanic eruption from the grassroots (Gaia Sophia), bringing down the destiny of the Law (Oneness) on the “monarchy” of the globalists? Is their precious heritage and triangle (volcano) of power crumbling to rubble?

If the answers are yes, we can expect tantrums. And the skies are ripe for tantrums. We are too wise for distractions via tantrums. We understand that a Higher Power is rectifying everything now, bringing the world into alignment with life as we were meant to experience it. We observe what is happening, understanding that things are actually re-organizing (“table re-set for an evening meal”), not crashing down. It is important to remember this throughout the week.

This report is almost its own article, but a lot is happening.

 Irritability, impulsivity, and the potential for conflict are heightened. Self-esteem issues, perfectionism, and difficulty seeing beyond perceived “failures” and “failings” also come with this.

Maintaining perspective, we remember that all of this is a function of energetics. With wisdom and will engaged, we can override the effects. Remember who you are. We are all a part of Creation, and our souls are being multi-faceted like gems by the experiences that are happening at this historic time for humanity. 


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