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Holding The Space 11/8/2016

As Americans, we habitually over-inflate our importance.

In reality, there are billions of lovely people all over the world who care not a drop about the outcome of this election (I am one), as it has no bearing (ultimately) on their lives or happiness whatsoever.

Why? Because politics is a game. Like baseball. And, like any sport, it only matters to the ones who are playing, who have played before and who have an investment/interest in the playing.  If you like the game or have money on the game,  you will care about the outcome.

Here’s an example: Many people care about the Chicago Cubs recent win. Do I? Nope! although I certainly don’t have an issue with anyone who loves baseball and enjoys a good game. It’s just that, well, it’s a GAME and it doesn’t really MATTER.

The outcome won’t affect my happiness, my personal power, my goals, my way of living, my health  or my lifestyle.

Because I don’t consent to give it that power.

As for the election: while I am curious, and mildly entertained in a dark-humor sort of way, it’s not for me to worry, stress, fret or be distraught over this grand tragic opera known as the American Election of 2016. I mean,seriously….are we REALLY saying these are the best two people we can bring forward to lead the country?

Of course not, they are both sad characters of themselves and the positions/elite they represent.

They are both billionaires for the love of god!

They aren’t REAL and they don’t care about REAL people.

Besides, I know that the chances of the voting machine and tallies being rigged is not just possible or  plausible but probable.

(Watch Bev Harris’s “Fractional Magic” to see the real value of a vote: or listen to her interview on Coast to Coast AM.)

The ELECTION is really a SELECTION ( pre-determined) and that when  all is said and done, the ultimate outcome will not change what is going on behind the scenes in the united states of America.

And behind the scenes  are alot of WONDERFUL things happening as well as the usual crap.

(Corey Goode latest intel.)

Therefore…I will say again…

the outcome won’t affect my happiness, my personal power, my goals, my way of living, my health  or my lifestyle.

Because I don’t consent to give it that power.

And so…I am holding space today, keeping center, remaining in my own good medicine.

I’m doing my own thing, which includes helping others,doing a world meditation, laughing with my students, hugging my cat and kissing my good man, the Brit.

I’m taking time to love the imperfect/amazing  humans around me and to rise above the ones who want to thrust “the game” in my face and “make” me pay attention. (NOT!  HA!)

If you need a break here are a few images, poems and thoughts to take your mind off the dark, low energies of “win-lose-separate-distract” and bring you back to a path of “peace-calm-inner power-act”.

Joy and love, friends. It’s a lovely day if you make it that way~~~














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