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Lots of activity going on with the Supermoon all over the world. I hope you are doing some sort of ceremony for yourself or the world, it’s too good to pass up this incredible reflecting energy.

There are quite a few worldwide meditations going on the last couple days and today – here’s one I participated in that felt right to do (not too late to do it, all time is no time as they say!):

Shadow sides

There is alot of “shadow side” work coming up for people right now. Folks can be touchy, desperate, angry, loopy and plain “not themselves”.  I’ve personally had a couple moments where I say to myself, “That isn’t like me!” ~ but if I take time to think about it, it really IS like me.

It’s the shadow side showing me where I can become more balanced.

Everywhere in this world we are being shown the things we need to see right now, and the supermoon is the spotlight casting the wisdom energy onto our shadows, making them stand out full and clear.

Stand in that spotlight! See your shadow and embrace it, remembering we are both of dark and light in this duality paradigm. The job of the shadow side is to announce itself and to be acknowledged.  It’s not that we need to “fix” the shadow, we just have to acknowledge, understand and be OK with our shadow and THEN it settles down.

If we ignore suppress or deny our shadow side….well, it takes hearty revenge and can blast us until we beg for mercy. It screams and kicks us around, making itself known at the most inopportune times!

When we see our shadow at the moment it appears and we say “thank you” for showing us that low energy/low light part of ourselves, it will then retreat.

Take time to see and be with your shadow, and it will respect your free will to “corral'” it when needed.

Speaking of Kangaroos

I love the many messages that come when I am tuned into my higher self and allowing the universe to support me and assist me. It’s been an interesting message time for many who are open to messages.

I gave a shamanic journey training class on Saturday, and it was amazing. So many wonderful people examining and stretching their wisdom “chops”, tip-toeing into new territory and exploring their fears, thoughts, beliefs and truths…their shadows.


Supermoon Journey Class 2016. Thanks Ben, for taking the picture!

Before the class, I had a vision of a specific power animal that would appear at this workshop for one of the participants. Kangaroo. Now, I have never, ever seen a kangaroo on any spirit journey I have taken, nor have I retrieved a kangaroo power animal in any soul retrieval I have done, so this was completely new. I was anxious to see what Kangaroo message was and who would claim it!

However, upon ending the workshop  I realized that not one of the 17 people there saw or felt Kangaroo come into their journeys. And so, I didn’t give it another thought, other that to tell myself I still needed to look up the meaning.

Next day: I had  forgotten about Kangaroo, and was instead excited because the Brit and I planned to attend the new movie “Arrival”. I had seen the announcement for this a few month ago, and realized it was “opening” on the 11.11 date.

Knowing how the “cabal” powers like to work, I know they rely on numerology, astrology and other methods to present information to the “masses”. They train us in what they want us to know, plant subliminal thoughts and messages, and present images stories and words that will”seed” our minds in ways compatible to their agendas.

And so after having seen the trailer, I knew this movie had a message. I could not wait to see what “they” were trying to tell us (besides the title…HELLO! ARRIVAL!)

And so, we happily made our way to the picture palace via the amazing Natchez Trace Parkway, and it was a glorious day, except for the many chemtrails (placed so that we could not see the supermoon?)


The opening had been set for 11.11.  That was a specific date-time and it means LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE FOCUSED ON, OPPORTUNITES/SYNCHRONICITES ARE HERE FOR ALIGNMENT AND AWAKENING.  11:11 (seeing it over and over) can also can “trigger” human minds to “awaken”.

And so, I was expecting alot. Too much, turns out, but there were some good things, nevertheless.

The movie itself was a little disappointing for me, in that I thought the story missed a great opportunity to have character lines developed. There were some wonderful actors who didn’t get to “act”. There was no depth of emotion in any character, except for Amy Adams, and her character’s emotions were limited at best. In a place and time for first contact, are we saying that emotions are controlled, understated and supressed? Are the filmmakers being led to create that scenario?

The story itself had the usual predictable “villians” (oh COME ON, do we really have to always portray China, Russia, Sudan, and Pakistan as the evil ones?)  There were also predictable military actions, but I won’t go any further as to not spoil the story.

Let me just say, the resounding themes of this movie are about communication and….time. The ultimate message is very, very interesting concerning both those themes! In that respect, I like the movie and the 11.11. aspect of its announcement.

And, I do appreciate that the heroic leader at the end was not the one you’d expect from the set-up at the beginning.


I will add a non-spoiler:   at some point in the movie, the main character makes a clarifying statement and she uses the kangaroo to make the point.  Now, as I am watching this I am thinking, “Whoa, Kangaroo! now that’s 2 times Kangaroo has been brought to my awareness in the last 2 days.” I knew I had to look up the kangaroo meaning when I returned home.

Interstingly, after the movie, I was directed to a gas station….called KANGAROO. Well, there was the 3rd reference and so I did indeed look up Kangaroo when I arrived home. See the end of this post for the message!


The movie Arrival contained a very interesting depiction of a certain type of alien life. If you watched the trailer you will see the “creature”.

I can’t imagine why this particular image/creature was selected…other than to soften us up for the “shadow” meaning of this alien as it pertains to symbology.

This symbol/creature has been used  used by the Cabal for centuries to depict the over-reaching, ubiquitous arms of the so called “elite” who rule the world. So why use this, when there are so many other types of images that could be used to portray aliens who make first contact?

My opinion: This is to get us to soften our criticism of them, and instead embrace them as misunderstood higher level beings who can’t quite communicate what they really mean.


Throughout the pre-movie previews the theme of MARS was played out over and over, as well as that of aliens.

There were commercials for Alienware ( a computer harware company) there is a new movie about Mars coming in December called The Space Bewteen Us, about a young boy who grows up on Mars Colony and who falls in love with an Earth girl.  Are they telling us about the Mars colonies talked about with the Secret Space programs?

The commercial for National Geographic’s series MARS (starting this week) played a couple of times.

The timing of “soft disclosure” is not something that just happens…we are being carefully “taught” and introduced to all of these space-oriented ideas in a very specific way, and it is all timed according to a special calendar.

I predict you will see more and more Mars related items in all of the news, as they prepare us for disclosure by buddying us up to our brother planet.  Just remember, the shadow side of Mars is the theme of war. be ready for that to be pressed in the news as well.

In conclusion

I know this post jumps around a bit, but that is the KANGAROO energy.  We have all felt off center and wobbly with the election…but everything is being laid out exactly as it needs to be, and as long as WE…you and me…do OUR part (whatever that is for each person) then our free will will be honored and the EVENT (ascension,etc) will happen very soon.

Each day we are getting closer and closer clarity and peace, each day the shadow sides are showing us more and more. The brighter the moon, the stronger the shadow images…and the easier to find and see them.

Engage and love your shadow.  Step into your fears and see them, step into your dark areas and engage them.

Heal YOURSELF and you will be healing the world.

Oh yes…….The message of KANGAROO?


If kangaroo hops into your life, prepare for adventure and change. You are being called upon to leap into the unknown without fear, remember, the kangaroo only ever moves forwards, not backwards. The kangaroo will teach you how to balance the creative energies necessary to complete tasks, you will be given the strength, stamina and power needed.

More of Ina Wolcott’s message from kangaroo here.

Use the Roo-Moon energy to assist your return to balance.

Be well! Caw!









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