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The Dark Files/tonight

“The reasons American are so interested in conspiracies, is because conspiracies happen”.

That is the opening line of the preview clip for History Channel’s new special, The Dark Files, airing tonight, Sept 8, 2017, on the History Channel at 10/9CT.

The show is an expose of the Montauk site, Camp Hero, and the secret goings on there concerning mind control experiments and time travel.

I first saw the advertisement for this last week, and it really shook me  a bit.

Readers of Crowcaws know that I visited the Camp Hero site last summer, as part of the 2016 Summer Adventure.  So creepy to see that site again, after having been there and done clearing and ceremony.  The specific post concerning my mission to Camp Hero is here.  It was by far the darkest and most disturbing energmy I encountered on my long trip that summer, and that includes the work I did at the twin towers site and in Washington, D.C. (You can read above in crowtravels about the entire trip)

On that post you’ll find my story, and some resources to better help you understand why this place is so important, and why it is coming out now in the mainstream TV show. Disclosure is happening, and its a drip, drip process that’s slowly escalating.  (The resources links are below, at the end of this article.)

It’s interesting that Chris Garetano, who created “The Montauk Chronicles” is the creator of the Dark Files special, along with Barry Eisler, who I adore and have followed for years. Barry  had a great Coast to Coast interview last year, here, if you want to have a listen.

I’m looking forward to watching this tonight.  I hope they show the crystals that were left on the backside of the tower…could they still be there?  In the video below, I do see a flash of light when they show the backside!  Hmmm……..



Backside radar tower at Camp Hero…who put those there? Caw!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



Additional:  Chris Garetano is interviewed about his movie “The Montauk Chronicles”, which examines the stories and legends that surround the alleged Montauk Project.   “Montauk Exposed”with Dan Duval,  two survivors who bring nearly identical memories and accounts of what actually happened during Project Montauk at Camp Hero.




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