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Mississippi Manifesting 101

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And it is good….

Are you a manifestor? Are you any good at it?

I’ve tried for years to get the Law of Attraction to work. Up until a few months ago, I’d say sometimes it does work, and sometimes…it does not.

But, things are changing, and I’m thinking I might be on to something.

Maybe all the work I did in the past is paying off? I’ve read “Think and Grow Rich”, I’ve watched “The Secret”. I’ve spent years practicing all manner of exercises, meditations, affirmations and visualizations. I’ve taken classes, read books, attended groups.

I even once created a rockin’ 10 minute video “vision board” with music and everything. It was so much cooler than cutting out my wish list from magazines and pasting them onto a poster.

Too bad I lost it in a Mercury retrograde electronic crash in 2008.

Even so, I’ve kept programming myself with subliminal flashes on the background of my computer desktop, redrawn my focus wheels, written myself million dollar checks (Thank you, Jim Carrey!) jumped into my Abraham-Hicks creation vortex and sent off my hundreds of “rockets of desire”…

I’m still waiting for my million to show… yes, yes, I know it’s in the vortex, but I need it in the bank, please. There’s a lot of building and creating needing to take place, like right now!

But, as I said, I’ve been getting closer. I think I finally do understand how it works, I really do.   I’m starting to see progress!

Dancing for Money

For instance, the Brit and I did a medicine wheel for money back in December. We reinforced out gratitude for the tool that is money, asked for more tools and generally had a good time doing a spontaneous “money dance”.

We essentially recreated our relationship to money…and it worked!

  • The month after our wheel creation, the Brit got an unexpected monetary gift from a relative.
  • The next month I received an anonymous $100 money order…and I still don’t know who from.
  • The next month the Brit found $30 lying on the ground in a parking lot!
  • The next month I got an unexpected monetary gift from a relative. A big one!
  • Last month in England, he found a 5-er laying in a sheep field (I kid you not…get it? Kid ewe?)

And YES we do plan to do that ceremony again!

Money isn’t everything 

Not that manifesting money is everything. It’s not. Manifesting what you need and want comes in many forms, money is only one of those forms.

Just recently I totally manifest a dress I needed for a wedding, and found one a TJ Maxx for $19.99 that was perfect.

I then manifest a raincoat from thin air that I really wanted, and did not even know if it existed. I saw it I my mind.   I totally found it first place I looked, and it was only $35.

Pretty damn cool!

But today was the kicker. Another reinforcement.

Rural manifesting in Mississippi

So…a little backstory. I live in a small, rural Mississippi town. I totally love it, it’s like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show.

Almost every day I take a walk about town and on the roads leading out of town, near the cemetery and beyond. If you live in a rural town, you already know you can find the coolest stuff laying along the roadside. I always pay attention, because as a shamanic pracitioner, I look for messages in everything, especially nature.

Many times I find wisdom and guidance in small things laying along the road…a lost sole from a shoe, a chain, dead butterflies and snakes, stones, sticks, tobacco cartons…

Wheelbarrow flat tire. And it’s only a year old!

Today was no different. I left on my walk, open to messages. I was thinking hard about gardening this morning, and how I needed to replace or fix the wheel on my wheelbarrow, as it had gone flat.

Should I drive all the way into town? I really didn’t want to, but…

And that’s when it happened.

I looked to my right, and there in the drive way of a neighbor’s house less than a mile from me there stood:


The Universe provides! At least in Mississippi it does!


Holy Crow, Batman! Not only did I totally manifest a good wheel, I manifest an entire wheelbarrow!

I can tell you I rolled that thing back home and am so happy I have figured this manifesting thing out!

It’s not that hard you know?

Well, anyway, it was easy today, and so here are my tips for manifesting what you desire:

  • Know what it is you really want.
  • Send out your desire, and then forget about it.
  • Expect to get it, or something better.
  • Don’t worry about how to get it…it may just show up on the side of the road!

And to close, a little Abraham Hicks story for you. Cathy has manifesting down, and so do I!

And so can you!

See you at the bank!        tac




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