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I’ve spent all week reading about and hearing about everyone’s amazing eclipse experiences.One of my favs so far is from legendary reporter of high strangeness, Linda Moulton Howe.


If seeing those videos didn’t get your crowfeathers to pop, you ain’t no real crow!

Linds Moulton howe and me

Spent time here in MS with Linda a few years ago-what an honor.


What a hero! Love you Linda!


As for me, there were two days of Crowcaws activity in Mississippi for this most important event. It has all been posted (finally) in the menu,  at crowtravels, for any who want to read about my (our) adventure(s).

On 8.20.17, the Emerald Mound site near Natchez was activated with the placement of a cintimani stone. Other clearing was done, and connection was made with the beautiful Mississippi River at Natchez.

On 8.21.17, Emerald Mound was the site of Crow’s joining in the worldwide Unity Meditation .

Feel free to enjoy and peruse the Crowtravels for a full description with pictures and videos of these activities, and for other sacred ceremonies, clearings, activations and ley line work I’ve participated in over the last few years. (There are many more past adventures to post, thanks for you patience as I work through all the pictures and videos)

UPDATE: What a wonderful confirmation, posted at Cobra’s! I can’t stop reading about it. I absolutely had the feeling it was successful, and reading all about the interesting changes and what we can look forward to….it’s an amazing time.

Crow love to you all…caw!



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