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Etheric Liberation Meditation Experience 2.26.17

Etheric Liberation Meditation Experience

By Crowcaws

If you are not familiar with the background surrounding this particular meditation, here is a great(short) youtube video that explains:

If you need some information about the atrocities in the Congo against our sisters and brothers there, here is a starting point:

Click here for more education on the abuses in the Congo.

As a practicing Shamanic Healer and Reiki Master, I am daily involved in working with the energies of the cosmos, the Earth, humans and animals. I regularly do journey work and soul retrievals, and I often travel in the astral and other world planes during the nighttime-dreamtime to do work.

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I have had many amazing experiences, and today’s liberation meditation was one of them.

I just wanted to share my experience (ethericliberation22617crowcaws), because I am hoping some of you also had an amazing experience!

Whether we all “saw” the same thing is not important, for we are all here to do our individual part. We each have a role to play and it stands to reason we will each have something to offer that differs from our fellow humans.  But, perhaps some of us were involved in similar things at the same time?

I’m sharing my experience. I’d love to hear yours.

Write or video your experience and send me the information and I will post a LINK to your site so that folks can read about what happened.

When I get enough links, I will post them on one page and people can scroll through and read them all.

See “Contact the Crow” above to add your story.

Together, we can achieve the liberation and rightful freedom we all deserve and are entitled to as divine beings.

Here, if you are interested, is my meditation experience today:




I feel a big shift took place. Be ready to see some changes, stay centered!






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