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David Wilcock and Corey Goode with Jimmy Church, Conscious Life Expo 2017

Scoping out YouTube, I came across this Feb 10 interview from the Conscious Life Expo. I know it’s not “official”… but I couldn’t help myself.

A few highlights:

‼️Those evil pedophiles could be getting their come-uppance in a very short time. The FBI insider leaking info on 4 chan is saying its close…like, next week! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. This will be the first step in disclosure, and then we go through a period of the dark information, after which, some good things will come.

‼️We are mere weeks from the disclosures about Antartica. Ultimately, this will not be full disclosure, but will lay the ground works for the next 50 to 100 years of revelations. ( OMG please say it isn’t so…50 years? I think once we get over the initial shocks the rest will have to come out quickly, don’t you?)

‼️Corey and David are involved with graphic artists who are creating an animated series and a film documenting all of  Corey’s experiences in the Secret Space program and his recent experiences as well.

‼️Jimmy asked how closely the images of the characters as already portrayed are. Specifically he asked about that creepy Royal White Draco, you know, the one that (equally creepy)former Sec of State HK allegedly spends time with.

That’s very close, minus the smell, was Coreys reply.


Corey has said this “things”name cannot be revealed, it’s too dangerous to say, and it’s nothing we have heard before.


Other juicies:

‼️Corey talked a little about his recent briefings with some well known figures, and even an astronaut*, and that some of them walked out, unable to accept what they are being told as truth.

*Buzz Aldrin is my guess.If that’s happening at the highest levels of professionals and insiders, imagine how average Joe will take the news.

There is a lot that Corey and David can’t share, a lot of it too dark and upsetting and can’t be told yet.

Ladies, gents…we had better get ready. Even what you already know will be nothing compared to what shall be coming at us in the next few months.


Prayers, healing and protection go out to Corey, David and all insiders and resistance warriors, both human and cosmic. 











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