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Trump In Mississippi 2

Yesterday, I posted some info about the President coming to our state to speak at the opening of the new civil rights museum The new isn’t being received well by some in the civil rights community: It’s REALLY palpable here, the turmoil at this decision. That’s not to say everyone is upset. There … Continue reading

Trump in Mississippi Saturday

I awoke this morning to see that President Trump has accepted the invitation of our governor Phil Bryant to attend the grand opening of two important museums that have been in the building for at least 4 years, and are long overdo: The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Mississippi Museum of History. As readers … Continue reading

New Findings Show Avoiding GMOs Improves Health

Obviously, you already knew that.  But, someone, somewhere will be reading this for the first time and actually GETTING it. GMO’s are inherently bad news for all living things. You can bet that the scientists and the developers of these plants do NOT eat them.  Certainly the elite and the rich do not. And poor … Continue reading

A New Cobra / Portal posting 11/6/17

I think everyone is feeling the “quickening” that is taking place throughout the world. Current events are but distractions from the incredible shifts and costume changes occurring behind the scenes. One day…soon…we will know the whole story. For now, it seems all we can do to hold on energetically by our toenails and try to … Continue reading

Exquisite Exposure and The Sacred Plant

Exposure, exposure, exposure. From the horrifying sexual abuse perpetrated by Hollywood elite, to Donna Brazilles revealing information about Clintons secret control of the Democratic Party, to release of files and statements in the JFK killing (confirming again what we already knew), exposure has never been more prevalent in the news. And, there’s more to come…it … Continue reading

Gaia Portal Oct 15

These Gaia Portal posts are always amazing, but I found this one to be crazy synchronistic. I guess I and some other folks I know are “Stellars” (of course we are!) ~ because we are all starting new schools and finding places to host classes and events! Readers…Are you, too,  creating a school?  Now is … Continue reading

This Week in Review

It’s been an incredible October week in the story of Earth. Kauilapele completed his Hawaii activation missions on 10.10, David Wilcock came out on 10.11 with his 4 part assessment of The Vegas False Flag event, while on the same day, Tom Delong spun around on his puppet strings for the Cabal with his space … Continue reading


These links will allow you to track Irma, Jose and others. It also shows the path and the storm as happening: Hurricane Tracker Animated Regional Tracker Meantime, if you feel so moved, please join in the worldwide mediation to help alleviate the energy of this hurricane: Hurricane Meditation Like many, I have friends in the … Continue reading

The Dark Files/tonight

“The reasons American are so interested in conspiracies, is because conspiracies happen”. That is the opening line of the preview clip for History Channel’s new special, The Dark Files, airing tonight, Sept 8, 2017, on the History Channel at 10/9CT. The show is an expose of the Montauk site, Camp Hero, and the secret goings … Continue reading

Mississippi Manifesting 101

Are you a manifestor? Are you any good at it? I’ve tried for years to get the Law of Attraction to work. Up until a few months ago, I’d say sometimes it does work, and sometimes…it does not. But, things are changing, and I’m thinking I might be on to something. Maybe all the work … Continue reading


I’ve spent all week reading about and hearing about everyone’s amazing eclipse experiences.One of my favs so far is from legendary reporter of high strangeness, Linda Moulton Howe.   If seeing those videos didn’t get your crowfeathers to pop, you ain’t no real crow!   What a hero! Love you Linda!   As for me, … Continue reading

Unity Meditation: We Did It!

Post by Cobra, great news. I’ll post my own info soon about today’s events in Mississippi. And, if you haven’t read the comments on Cobra’s site, please do-it’s really cool to feel the love and connection.   Well done everyone! Woo-hoo, Yippee and as they say down here in the South: “Let’s Rock and Roll!” … Continue reading

Short Weekend Update: Meditation for the Solar Eclipse

More info about Monday’s world changing event. There are some exciting things happening, according to this new Cobra post, linked below. On a personal level, the Crow and the Brit are headed out tomorrow on a scared journey, a journey partly for eclipse prep and partly just for us.  And that’s the balance that works … Continue reading

Emerald Starseed Initiation: The 2017 Solar Eclipse

I’ve resonated with Magenta Pixie for quite a few years.  Never more so than her recent explanations of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, as pertains to Starry Beings and Lightworkers of the Heart. Green, of course, is the color of the heart chakra, and Magenta Pixie explains how this solar eclipse is much more than it … Continue reading

8-21-17 Eclipse Meditation Central

Please look at the previous post “Calling 144,000 Starry Beings” for full info. I’ll be posting several additional things here concerning the upcoming mediation and solar eclipse as they come to me, so check back  on this post for updates regularly. ~~tac NASA INFO INFO YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: Corey Goode updates: 1> … Continue reading


(Updates added at end 7-11-17) ARE YOU ONE OF THE 144,000 STARRY BEINGS WHO WILL HELP BRING ABOUT THE ASCENSION OF EARTH? I’ve been absent from blogging since March, for many reasons. First, there are numerous personal events taking place in my life right now (ALL GOOD!) that have required all of my time and … Continue reading


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