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This Week in Review

It’s been an incredible October week in the story of Earth. Kauilapele completed his Hawaii activation missions on 10.10, David Wilcock came out on 10.11 with his 4 part assessment of The Vegas False Flag event, while on the same day, Tom Delong spun around on his puppet strings for the Cabal with his space related “big reveal” (not) and 10.12 Cobra posts his Situation Update, telling us how close we are to piercing the Veil and bringing in the Event.

If all that is not enough, today is Friday the 13, and a favorite day for Cabal shenanigans. (Remember, it’s not about why you or I believe, it’s about what THEY believe.) Read Laura Walker’s Oracle Report , and set your own intention that nothing with low energy or negative attachment occur. Even if it does, refrain from sending your energy to it.  Feed only the good wolf.


Have a wonderful weekend!

PS>  As I am posting a huge hawk crying out the window…what message is he bringing today?




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