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Exquisite Exposure and The Sacred Plant

Exposure, exposure, exposure. From the horrifying sexual abuse perpetrated by Hollywood elite, to Donna Brazilles revealing information about Clintons secret control of the Democratic Party, to release of files and statements in the JFK killing (confirming again what we already knew), exposure has never been more prevalent in the news. And, there’s more to come…it is JUST getting started!

There are MANY avenues of exposure you may wander down, and plenty of news comments and editorials about each story. There are films daring to expose stories about government corruption and drug running ( American Made, and it’s not all true but you should see it for no other reasons than the Mena, Ark airfield story and the Barry Seal name …which is being brought out exactly the same time as it’s also being revealed his connection to Oswald and the JFK story) but also films that will change your world by bringing hope and truth.

I wanted to share a few thoughts about one such film that I think everyone who comes to Crowcaws would benefit from watching and sharing.

The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed is a series of videos that help us all understand the amazing properties of the cannabis plant.

Thrught episode 1, we are taken in a journey that winds and turns through history, the medical industry, the politics of healing and the information readily available to prove to yourself and anyone else that THIS STORY is possible the one thing that could change all other stories, for when we are healthy, we are able to stand in our own power: able to better discern truth, avoid deception, say NO to those who would rob us of our freedom to know and to choose.

Anyone who has ever been really sick knows that all of your energy goes into healing. Little is left for clear thinking, making smart decisoins, thoughtfully and carefully weighing pros and cons.  Fear sets in, and unfortunately in our society, fear is fanned and flamed until burning so brightly we cannot see the doorway to freedom.

What if we had a way to be healthy, to heal and stay that way, at practically no cost? Wouldn’t THAT be the thing that could turn everything else around? Wouldn’t we ( as a nation) then be able to see clearly a lie and have the power to confront it?

Even if you think you know the values and benefits of the cannibinoid connection with the human neurological and endocrine systems, you will find the story presented in these videos astounding.  Knowing and KNOWING and K N O W I N G….all levels of growth and understanding that we cycle through.

Take your time watching.  If you feel it’s too much info and you find yourself drifting, stop the video and come back later for more.  Every statement, every story and every exposed truth is importand and groundbreaking. Relish each morsel.

Please pass to everyone you know, and let the exposure continue!  May the light shine bright on everything hidden from us.  We demand truth!

Editorial note: interesting that the only federal government growing of cannabis in the country is in Mississippi.  Caw!

PS.   Get ready for the month of November, it’s going to be quite busy and quite a shake up from all sources I have encountered.  Protect your energy, replenish and ground. All of this exposure does have an affect on our individual fields and our physical beings, even when you are practicing good habits.  Take care! Keep open eyes and ears!





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