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Emerald Starseed Initiation: The 2017 Solar Eclipse


I’ve resonated with Magenta Pixie for quite a few years.  Never more so than her recent explanations of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, as pertains to Starry Beings and Lightworkers of the Heart.

Green, of course, is the color of the heart chakra, and Magenta Pixie explains how this solar eclipse is much more than it appears…and it appears to be quite alot already! We are actually merging the Magenta male” energy and the Green “female” energy.

Before I knew what I was going to do for the eclipse, I had a big message that any meditation I may participate in (and PLEASE, DO PARTICIPATE!) on Monday’s Aug 21 eclipse had to be buffered through the heart chakra. It HAD to be about opening the heart and that the in-out vortex that is the center of our physical and spiritual being was the key to it all.

Many sites claim that the human energy field has a torus that starts at the top on the head,  and goes to the bottom (or the feet). Sort of like you see on pictures of the Earth’s torus:

NA - E 020301images-1

Jon Whale is the first person I came across that understood exactly how the heart chakra torus was set up.

Assemblage Point Torus Female with Angles Side View


Here you can see that the energy is moving through the heart center, in and out, and when I do energy work on myself or others, that’s exactly what I feel.

The heart is many time more powerful than the brain.

HeartMath has recorded the heart to be approximately 60 times greater electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. This awareness places the brain relatively weak in comparison to the heart.

If you can imagine breathing in and out of your heart -not up and down, but in through the chest and out the back (or vise versa) – you will experience profound changes in your ability to handle stress, think clearly, lower you blood pressure and heart rate, and a host of other measurable results.

But more importantly, on the energetic layers, breathing through the heart ignites the energies that spark the forces behind love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and peace.

Magenta Pixie explains the Emerald Gateway and the opening of the heart on this very special eclipse, and how the DNA of the Starry Beings will be ignited, if they are ready to receive.

I am a Starry Being…are you?

Much love to everyone who will be joining in the eclipse mediation at 1:11pm  Central Time USA, Monday August 21,  ….please check the date and time of your area and join in on this massive, crucial and world changing event.  Its YOU who will make the difference.

Here are a couple of fabulous Magenta Pixie’s for you. See you in the ethers on Aug 21!’



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