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Today is Sept 11, 2016


Yes, it’s the 15th anniversary of the most seminal event in modern American history.

It’s a hugely traumatic event, and not just to each as individuals, but to our collective consciousness. And that part was planned, just as the attacks were.

“They” wanted it to go deep and to carry far; to be apart of our DNA and to never be able to heal from.

And that plan has succeeded in many ways.

So, it makes sense if you don’t want to see anything on this today. You just want to have a nice weekend and rest, be with family, do a small prayer and then move on.

But I urge you to take time to remember…really remember.(If you are young, and have little or no memory of this event, then you REALLY must pay attention.)

You must remember,  not so much the the event itself (because that is in your memory forever) but the LIES. The vast web of lies that have been coming since day one.

Remember, so that we never lose sight of the fact that this event DOES NOT ADD UP IN THE OFFICIAL STORY. Remember, so that you and others will continue to press for the truth. Remember, so that our offspring and those who are just now awakening will understand that control and the taking of liberty are ALWAYS planned  and never random.

Liberty has been stolen and liberty has been given away…ask yourself,  which is it that you have contributed to? Are you buying the story? Or do you question even a part of it?

Take a hard dose of reality today, just make yourself look one more time,  because until we do…until WE ALL LOOK..its never going to get better and it always going to happen again.


I’ve added a menu item at the top, EDUCATION. Go up and you can see the first page is 9-11. It isn’t exhaustive, but it has very good links and can get you back to the questions that need answering.

WTC Site

This summer I visited the World Trade Center site in NYC, and did ceremony there for the fallen.I will never ever forget the feeling I had being there and the creepy way the “memorial” affected me.

It is, in my opinion, a memorial to the act itself, and not to the horrendous loss of life or the people who were killed and continue to die from the chemicals and asbestos that were thrown into the air. I found it nauseating to be there and see the “Drains” that continue to suck the energy down, pulling from the names on the walls.

I feel the museum is only there to perpetuate the story. Sell some key chains, t shirts, whatever and make some money off this tragedy in perpetuity.  The new WTC building is an obvious symbol of …something, and I’m not sure what exactly but it ain’t good. And that transit site…the oculus…yep, its a tribute to the all seeing eye.

I realize you may have a different opinion of the site, and I respect that.

But I’m not good with the lies and the obvious cover ups, and neither should you be. you should at the very least, have some questions!

So please, take some time to day and do something about this situation. Sign a petition,  talk to someone and ask questions, get a conversation going. Meditate and pray. Do a ceremony to bring in truth and clear away deception.

When we look at things together, as a human race, at the same points in time (such as today) we DO have results.

Take a look today and use the search engine. Make them realize that you are looking for answers. Put in things like”Building 7″ or “9-11 truth” or Rumsfeld 2.3 trillion or anything GWBush or Cheney or Chertoff or Silverstein…

Just do something that promotes education, healing and truth. Anything.


Meditation to join:

Todays Portal 2012


Petitions to sign: (find more out there! Get searching!))

Today’s videos:

James Corbett’s Links:

(I recommend all the “suspects” videos, they are short and to the point)

(I may update this page later today. I’m off now to prepare for the meditation)











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