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Sept 11 Meditation

Just wanted to drop a quick post for those of you who do the regular weekly meditation at Cobra’s website, Portal 2012.

Tomorrows meditation is dedicated to opening the truth up about 9/11.

Can you believe it’s been 15 long years ~ still nothing but lies, fabrications, manipulations, deceptions, unbelievable and unscientific scenarios…and people STILL believe the “official” story?

Ye of the Crow Clan, I know you already are aware of the lies, so I won’t post anything else here today on this subject. Just ready yourself for tomorrow’s meditation and PLEASE join in. Or do one of your own!

It turns out that this world meditation time coincides in the Central time zone at 11 am…isn’t that  deliciously syncronistic that we in MISSISSIPPI can do the world mediation at 11? on the 9/11?  If can keep it going  till 11:11, even better!

In addition to the mediation tomorrow, I  will be remembering my visit to World Trade Center site just a few months ago in the Summer 2016 mission, which you can read about (or revisit) at the Crowtravels link in the main menu.


The Crow placed these at the  World Trade Center site, to honor the fallen and to bring truth, during the Summer 2016 Mission.

If you’d like to share you experiences go to “Contact the Crow” (see above) in the menu.

Thank you for doing your work, friends. You are powerful!

See you in the cosmos…Caw!





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