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The Peace of Wild Things


I am sooooo resonating with Laura walker’s Oracle Report advice this week to go outside.

There is so, so much happening. The best way to deal? Ground, my friend! Grounding, shielding….laying your body on the Mother and letting her heal…

As Wendell Berry so perfectly captured in his famous poem, the peace of wild things is the great peace we so desperately crave in these turbulent times. Only in Nature can we connect to our Source, and feel the presence of all that nourishes and supports us so fully.

Look around…there is no lack in the infinite grains of sand or stars in the heavens. The ubiquitous existence of leaves and grasses and stones and drops of rain is a reminder of assured abundance in our world.


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Why then must we fear? Why do we ignore the heritage and birthright of prosperity  that is granted us by our Creator? Why do we choose to buy the fallacy of lack, to struggle to earn a living, to fight and even kill to take what we ignorantly perceive we must get now, or lose to someone else?

We are not here to survive, we are here to THRIVE. There is more than enough to share, more than enough to spare.

Be at peace friends, allow yourself to understand that we are cared for in every way, and all you have to do to FEEL that is go outside and put your feet on the ground. Touch a leaf, place your palm onto a tree or stone. Raise your eyes to the sky and breath in the  air that is there, waiting to fill you.

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Reconnect your spirit and your soul will be healed.

Go on, go outside now…

Be well and find your peace.



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