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The Oracle Report: Get outside today

I love the Oracle Report with Laura Walker! I meant to post Sept 6 reading (yesterday) and got busy.  So, yesterday and today will booth be reviewed below. I suggest you read the website yourself and keep up with this week…there’s lots going on!

Most important to note is that we are entering a real time of change.Things are shaking this month, as we have already been saying…and it’s all written in the cosmos: the info is there to glean, if we have wonderful interpreter to share the language with us. Laura is such an oracle ~she’s a bringer of wisdom and offers a refreshing look at the universal motions that affect us all.

I say anything and everything that help me understand this crazy human experience is welcome! Caw!

 If you want to fully understand Laura’s ground-breaking work, you must read her free ebooks. In them you will find a new way to understand how the planets move and how that motion works on us. The Black Moon book is awesome, as is the Eris book. Both will leave you with new understandings about yourself and this thing called astrology, and the Eris book will help you understand the gift Laura has been divinely given.

Laura uses the Sabian symbols to explain and help us understand what is taking place. Sabin symbols were “divined” by Elsie Wheeler (whose birthday was Sept 3, 1887) and have been interpreted and used by Laura in her work, together with her understandings of the Black moon and Eris.

This week, Laura tells us:

Astrologically, the entire week will quake and shake.

Does that get your attention?  How about the earthquake in Oklahoma on Sat?   (side note: if you want the very best and latest info on geo-changes, earthquakes, etc., I can’t recommend anyone more than “Dutchsinse. Here’s his youtube channel: )

Get a load of this: The moon is meeting the black moon, and opposing Chiron (the wounded healer) Venus, Earth and Mars are all discharging “things”, and the Sun trine-ing Pluto…and that was yesterday!  (Do I know what all that means…no, but Laura does and she tells you in her daily report)  Things can get intense and ugly with people, fears about safety and security surface…did that happen for you? were people’s shadow-selves showing? (was yours? was mine? )

Today, we are told to tidy up, prepare and to ground ourselves as much as possible, building our reserves for whats coming Sept 9-12.

In other words, upcoming astrological events (which produce events in our lives and in the world) are such that they could take a toll on our emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

How to protect and shield? She writes:

We do not come unglued when we are glued (grounded) with Mother Nature.  ALL EFFORT should be made to ensure some time in nature today.

So…go outside and GROUND as much as you can today. Read tommorow’s report and see whats coming and how you can prepare…again, ther’s that word: prepare! (See this months previous Crow posts on Crowcaws)

Lastly she  remind us:

Gratitude is key.

Thanks to Laura and her amazing talents.  We are grateful for your reports and your dedication to helping us be better.

I’m going outside now




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