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SEPTEMBER 21,2016 Interesting Reads

Today’s featured image (Horse in mountains)  from Oracle report

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Oracle Report 9/21/16, Laura Walker take on the universal alignments:

Debating the way it used to be:

I love anything by Jon Rappoport. Excellent article and short.  Points out crucial and (to me) obvious points about how we “do” things in our elections and debates (which are not debates in any true sense)

Halema’uma’u breakout! Pele’s lava flows:

Thanks to Kauilapele and his important ceremony. This lava here is spectacular! Its a new breakout and a sign of “breakout”…for peace? Truth? Awakening?


Halema’uma’u mean s”house of the ama’u fern”

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Former CIA Officer Blows The Whistle On Government Criminality

Thanks to Stage2Omega. Its always interesting to hear from insiders, they seem to be coming out more and more.    Nice short interview by Dane Wigington.

Biggest info: a change is coming. Be prepared!

Meditation in School Works!

I lead a college course  called ” Stop Performance  Anxiety”.  I teach my students to meditate and take ” journeys” as part of learning to let go of stress, and I’m amazed that most of these young people tell me that before they took the class, they never knew what it was to feel relaxed!

That should tell you what a state our world is in.

It takes about 15 minutes to explain to students how to mediate. They get it immediately. They do it immediately. They love it immediately.

Now, if only we can get our schools to DO IT …immediately!


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