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9/17/16 Interesting Reads for Today

Use your own discernment. These are things the Crow found interesting-you may, or may not.

I will update this page throughout the day, check back for more periodically

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Intel messages to excite and inspire you to see the positive changes. These are cryptic! Makes them all the more fun and meaningful

What does a REAL goddess look like? It ain’t  this!


I met a beautiful young woman recently who was suffering in many ways, mostly spousal abuse. She…a 30 year old… had been ” forced” to undergo lip and breast surgery by her husband, and looked very much like a cartoon. I was heartsick listening to this beautiful girl, seeing her true beauty underneath the surgery, and incredulous that anyone could want to screw with her natural gorgeous gifts.

Ladies…YOU ALREADY ARE A GODDESS. No changes needed.

Here is what real goddess from the ancient world looks like:

 Earthfiles, September 17, 2016 – 215 Million Gallons of Radioactive Water Have Leaked Into Major Florida Aquifer Through Huge Sinkhole.

Found at Linda Moulton Howe’s website. When Linda posts, I take notice.

How horrible! Florida, a place of beautiful clear underground springs…I’ve scuba dived there many times in the fresh water springs…I’m choosing to see this as a way to call forth change.

“New Wales Mosaic fertilizer plant in Mulberry, Florida, 30 miles straight east of Tampa, has discovered a sinkhole 45 feet in diameter opened up in “the liner system at the base of a phosophogypsum stack residue from the processing of phosphate to make fertilizers and drained into the Floridian aquifer” threatening water supplies for millions of Florida residents. But Mosaic “began pumping water out of the west cell where the massive sinkhole opened up and is holding that water in an alternative holding area on site to reduce the amount of (radioactive) drainage into the aquifer.” What caused the big sinkhole is still unknown.

According to the St. Johns Water Management District’s website,
the pond water on top of the phosophogypsum cell drained into the
Floridian aquifer that supplies drinking water to millions of Florida residents
and water for snorkeling and swimming sports. Image © 2016 by ABC News.
Also see: “Persistent Sinkholes and Unexplained Booms.”

Has former UK Prime Minister David Cameron been impeached?

I talked to the Brit today….when I mentioned this, he said he had not heard it on the news. However, he (like me) doesn’t really listen to mainstream news, but I will ask him tomorrow if he can research this a bit.

When I did a Google search on DAVID CAMERON IMPEACHMENT….I got nothing. Are you surprised? You do know that we are monitored here and only hear what they want us to hear.

Some good points made by alternate news reporters covering this….why aren’t Poppy Bush, Little Bush and the current CEO /POTUS being called on this as well? I believe they will be eventually if this is a real event.

These people ( and I use that term generously) LOVE to throw each other under the bus…this may be the first inkling of a giant barracuda feed.

I’ll update in future posts.

Cover your webcam….Comfrey does!

FBI Director James Comfrey says cover your webcam….isn’t that a hoot?

This is the guy who let the “Teflon  Blonde” off the the hook for obvious security infractions. Maybe he’s  trying to make amends? Give us a heads up and show he’s trying to be a white hat?

The world is a strange place. Who knows the real story? The Crow only knows she thinks that if EVERYONE actually DID cover their camera openings…that the Criminals in charge would quickly notice.

lets do it!  I will….CAW!!!!!!

Especially interesting…after yesterday’s meditation/ journey

Not that NASA can be believed about anything.

Our universe may be a Matrix-like computer game designed by aliens, says NASA scientist


Our prisons are privately owned and for profit. They need a big population to make money. Therefore, most offenses are drug related, and most of those are for possession:

We certainly cant have people with drugs! Unless of course they are prescribed! That would interfere with 2 big corporations- prisons, and pharmaceuticals.

People have mixed feelings about the refugee situation in Europe. Here’s the reality of what is happening in La Ville Lumière. “The City of Light” certainly needs some now.

Having been there two years ago, I find this shocking and sad.

The refugee situation is a planned event, meant to overwhelm countries, create havoc and chaos, pit people against each other and incite war, not to help poor third worlders and offer them a better life.

Yes, they do deserve a better life, but they way to do that is to get rid of the criminals in charge!


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