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Full moon eclipse journey

Sept 16 2016, Meditation/Journey

I joined with all others who were doing the unified group meditation on Sept 16 (posted at the Portal). Here is my interesting journey and experience.

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1:54 PM

I saw myself at the Grandmother Tree, and my helping animal spirits came to join and assist me.

I ran my hands along her trunk, and gave gratitude for her willingness to support me in this journey.

Her reply to me was one so soft and so dear I almost cried. She said , you do so much to honor me , you visit me so often, I am pleased and happy to be here for you, how could I not?

She took me in her branches and I felt her protection and love.

I climbed her trunk, and there at the top of her branches was a large nest, and I sat in the nest facing East. This is the direction of new beginnings, if creation and of fresh light.

  • many Lions came cycling the area
  • Peace Eagles came
  • Wolves came and set up a protection  grid
  • Crows came and circled the skies

I sat in the nest and called in the light and the beams of light came and went through me (as described in the instructions at Portal)

I sat and enjoyed the connection , feeling the pulses of energy create a surging link between the Earth and the Source.

After some time, I felt the lights become the rainbow vortex and watched as it spread wide, past the edges of Earth and enveloping the Moon, further and further outward until all vibrated within its swirling colors.



And then suddenly, I was told that I must do an additional job.  Something that must be done now at this special moment while all minds and energies were working together.

I was shown a box. It was a regular cardboard box, and  I was to told to carry it to the Void, the place where all things are let go and all things created. I have been in the Void many times in my spirit journeys, and I knew that this was an important task if I was being directed  there.

I became Crow and I took the box and traveled out, to the outer edges of Upper World.  I carried the box, and my wings beat strongly and I could clearly see my feathers and feel them lifting me as my wings beat strongly ….swoosh, swoosh.

At last I arrived and I looked at the box, and on it was written,“Matrix”.

(there are many definitions of Matrix, I felt this one was what I was seeing)


and I was told that I was releasing 3 things that are trapped in the Matrix that has become our consensual reality in the Human story.

I opened the box and inside were 3 briefcases. I could  clearly see them I every detail.

The first was  marked “Paradigms”.


Briefcases…where important “business” is kept.

I popped its latches and opened the lid, and out flew millions of small cocoon shaped objects


They flew past me and into the Void and were absorbed. I saw their energy being changed. They can no longer be used to create  the old paradigms. I heard, “They will be recycled to create the new paradigms”

I ran my hand inside the briefcase to make sure all were gone.

The next briefcase was marked  “LIES” .



I opened it, and out flew millions of insect like, dark beings.


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The swarm seemed endless, but at last they were all into the Void, and I heard, “These will be destroyed. They can never be transmuted. Their energy is gone now.”

I ran my hand inside the case, and few stragglers were hiding in the corners! Devious little buggers!

I cleared them and all were gone.

The last briefcase held“Deceptions”


And I opened this case and many pages flew out and up. The pages were invisible on one side, but the other side had a story of deception against humanity. Each page held a different story. There were millions.

I reached and grabbed one page. It was translucent in my hand, see through, and yet I could see its energy. The words were clear, and I turned over the page and it was invisible. I turned it back over and saw the words, as if floating on a glass-like sea of energy, and

I turned it back over and now the word TRUTH appeared as if written on a clear sheet of glass or vellum.


I let it go and it flew up into the Void, and I heard,” In every story of deception there must be a Truth which connects the person to the deception and allows it to be integrated and accepted. These deceptions are now over, and the energy of Truth will emerge as the only energy.”

I ran my hand inside the case,  and it was empty.

And I watched as the energies of all this swirled, feeling everyone doing the mediation were also taking part in this clearing and ceremony.

I then felt my consciousness “go” to a place that I cannot now remember. (When this happens I am receiving a personal healing)

At last I awakened in the Void, and I heard, “You have done well and now it is time you return”

and so I was back at the Grandmother tree, into the nest. I saw the peace eagles form a Heart shape design in the sky.


All of helping spirits departed and the energies of change remained to protect the sacred space.

I heard the drums to return and so I bid my helping spirit friends and Grandmother goodbye for now, with much gratitude.

Aho! Caw!


There is much symbolism in this journey, and I leave it to you to create or decipher the meanings on an energetic level. I know what they mean for me, and I feel it was a good journey and I feel it was something I was here to do, mine to do.

Alot was cleared and changed with the help of everyone who meditated and journeyed at the full moon eclipse.

The cosmic energy of “time” has been bent and we are feeling the effects of “new paradigms” overlapping the old.

Soon, only the new will remain.

Until then, you can choose to use your free will to only engage the new, the loving ways of  the “NOW” energies.

There is always a choice. YOU are the ruler of your mind and your energies. YOU can do much to accelerate the changes.

Live in gratitude, for all that is happening of for being here to see it and be apart of it!

Be well, until we meet again!

Wado! Yakoki!



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