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The NOW AGE movement

Now Age.jpgYou know, I never felt completely settled with the moniker “New Age” being applied to me. I see so many definitions of what it means, how “new agers” should/shouldn’t think/be/feel/act….where they go, who they associate with.

Never quite fit for me.

So I’m declaring a different term:

I’m declaring the NOW AGE!

You, too, can be a  “now ager”:  Just be in the moment. Embrace your life, your story, your lessons, your joy… and discern your own truth. Let go your need to belong to the “in” crowd ~ find your purpose and do it.

Follow your own path, live in your own space and know your own heart and soul.

Let go of others ideas and beliefs. YOU can decide what works for YOU. No groups, heirarchies, middlemen needed.

YOU are enough, just as you are.

Go ahead, try it. Be a “NOW AGE-er”



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