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“Let’s find out the truth…let’s just find out the truth.”


April 13, 2016

The TODAY show (NBC) had an interview with Robert De Niro and his partner in the Tribeca film festival, Jane Rosenthal. It was quite revealing, honest and packed with passionate De Niro verbiage and facial/hand expressions.Crow says “two wings up”.

Ok….so….like many people, I was disappointed at the decision to pull the controversial film “Vaxxed” from Tribeca, after first courageously promoting its release at the prestigious New York event. Not only was there backlash against the decision, there were lots of personal judgements, opinions and name calling against De Niro.

Those who have had professional experience in the pubic realm know that it’s part of being in the limelight – having people assume things, make assumptions, criticize, condemn. Yet, it seemed quite a lot (in my opinion) of flak was tossed at De Niro, and all without knowing WHY the decision was made, and by who (was it even his decision?)

Glad I came across this today. I found this interview revealing, passionate and open. De Niro blasts those who don’t want to have and discussion about vaccines and the damages they have caused. He states quite clearly his personal feelings and makes no bones about it. Rosenthal adds a bit of leverage in the end, reminding folks that there were 100 other films, many also dealing with controversial subjects and important world topics.

Some of the highlights are here, but please, watch this for yourself~ You won’t be disappointed.

Note: Watch De Niro’s facial expressions at the very beginning (bored, ready to leave) and when he begins to “let go”.


After 2 minutes of yada-yada beginning, the female interviewer mentions the “controversy” about “this film called “Vaxxed” and the decision to pull. De Niro at first has palms together, pleasantly stating that people should see it, it has alot to say, and then he winds up and lets it out…

 “…if you’re scientists, lets see, lets hear;   everybody doesn’t seem to want to hear much about it, it’s shut down…”

then he gestures to the interviewers and says

“and you guys should be the ones doing the investigating”

The female interviewer tries to pull the conversation toward the accusations agians the credibility of the filmmaker and De Niro replies,

“Even him, in the end, I’m not so sure about”

Rosenthal then states that it wasn’t advertisers who threatened to pull out, it was other filmmakers.

De Niro jumps in and says

“I find that amazing, and we’re gonna talk about that”

Rosenthal continues discussing other films, including a “beautiful film” about autism, and again, De NIro jumps in and says

” It’s a beautiful film, but its another thing. Its not questioning how people,some people, got autism.”

Other quotes:

“There’s more to this than meets the eye”

“There is something there that people aren’t addressing, and for me to get so upset, here today…means there’s something there

and when talking about the filmmakers who (supposedly) were to pull out if the film was shown, he says

“Whoever they were, I didn’t really want to ask…but now I will ask.”

There’s more, here’s the link:

DeNiro on TODAY

Well said, Bobby. I support you.


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