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Allopathic Allosaurus

I met two fantastic women yesterday with amazing stories. We had dinner at an amazing place, ate amazing food and had an amazing time.

One of the women was a young physician, the other was her mother-who has cancer. And I, being a crow medicine worker(shamanic practitioner), was totally shocked that this doctor had asked me help with the healing process.

We decided to meet, all 3 of us, to discuss the situation.

I mean, it’s rare I ever talk with an allopathic medicine worker, about anything! They roll their eyes and shake their head when the word “shaman” or the  phrase “energetic healing” is uttered.

And …I typically do the same concerning them.

But this lady was an exception,  a TRUE medicine woman. Yes,  she is an MD (emergency/trauma), but she has courageously left that behind to care for her mother, and to honor her mother’s wishes to follow her own healing path ~ and NOT to be berated and ridicuuled and verbally battered into doing chemo and radiation.

The story is inspiring in ways I can’t describe. “Mom” was told she had a large liver tumor, and a breast tumor.  Stage 4.  However, 5 years later, she has, through dedicated alternative methods and sheer healing soul work, dissolved both of those (totally gone!) and yet, through a course of strange events, had to recently have a brain surgery …and  suddenly now they find cancer in her brain and lymph system.

Can you  even imagine?

The journey these two women have made together would bring you to tears, and I wish I could share more, but I want to honor their privacy.

I will say this….this young, 36 year-old doctor told me how it REALLY is in the health care industry, how she had to fight with other doctors about her mothers care,to NOT GIVE HER drugs she didn’t need and weren’t remotely necessary. Meaning….had she not been there to stop it, her mother would have received many medications that would cause her harm, terrible side effects and were being given FOR NO REASON. None.

“Mom”told me she had no doubt that if she had followed the prescribed plan of chemo and radiation she would not be here talking to me at this lovely restaurant, enjoying a special meal prepared by Chef Larry Love, owner of Liquid Light Cafe in the heart of downtown Jackson, MS. ( I’ll do a special post on Chef Love and his place, it’s fantastic!)

She did not look or act or move like a woman with Stage 4 cancer, she was ALIVE, and full of life. Full of life force energy. Tiny, but fierce. Quiet and unassuming, yet determined and strong, in-charge and totally un-afraid.

She was not withered, bald, malnourished and blistered from treatments.

You see, she had faced and conquered her fear of death, and it freed her from being under anyone else’s power.

And the things she told me about what she’s seen and what has been said to her… and how not even one doctor asked her HOW DID YOU GET RID OF YOUR LIVER CANCER AND BREAST TUMOR? WHAT ARE DOING FOR YOURSELF AND TELL ME EVERY DETAIL, PLEASE.

Not…one….question. Not one comment. Not one congratulations.

As for daughter, the young Doc walked our of her job and has been helping “Mom” with IV vitamin C, ozone therapy, research and proper nutrition/supplements, stepping in to fight battles and to shove off the bullies. She talked to me about changing the way cancer is treated, and about opening a clinic some day where she can help others the way she has been helping Mom. She, and her sister the nurse practitioner/Reiki worker,( what a family!)  are seeing that Mom gets all she needs, and they are both learning and changing the way they do things. They are following the path of healing and not the money/pharmaceutical/vaccine/chemo/radiation/etc. path. They are honoring and respecting their Mother and her informed decision to live the way she want to and heal the way she wants to.

And unfortunately, that’s a rare situation.

Folks, our health care system in this country is broken. It’s a travesty. We are way, way down the list in the world rankings for just about everything concerning health care for our people. The days of “America is No. 1” are over. And this system is putting people in bankruptcy ever day, while the pharmaceutical and insurance companies (and some doctors) are raking in the profits.

Here are some other interesting and chilling developments:

Did you know that you can no longer have a doctor who knows you or treats you to come be with you into your hospital?  Instead we now have “hospitalisits”, and they won’t have any of your records or consult with any of your own doctors. You had BETTER have your own records and know your own story, because some “hospitalist” who is overworked and under-experienced may be treating you.


A co worker recently told me her surgeon/ neighbor explained to her (although he “wasn’t supposed to tell”) that hospice is being advised for EVERYONE who even remotely might have a possibility of dying, and that the doctor gets a bonus for prescribing it if the people agree!


Another friend recently went through a horrendous round of testing and was told she’s just fine…yet she suffers from all types of terrible symptoms. Turns out, she did her own research and realized that ALL of her symptoms were the side effects of prescribed medications she had taken over  a  year ago  (apparently,  it’s not uncommon to suffer effects months and years later from prescription drugs.) She later learned she had been given TWICE the dose recommended as safe for her condition.

If you go into a hospital, you had better be SURE you put INTO WRITING that you DO NOT want any vaccines…because the paperwork now has it “hidden” that you agree to have them. So, even if you have made the free-will choice NOT to put these chemicals and viruses and man-made-whatevers into your body…They are working hard to get them into you in any way they can.


It’s both, young man.

In the hospital…you will be given all manner of meds..just in case…even if you don’t need them.

And if you argue or decline, you had better have strong voice and a strong willpower…they WILL berate and try to force you to comply.

Apparently, it doesn’t even matter if you yourself are a doctor! They will still talk down to you and try to force you to surrender.

And before you say, “Hey wait, Crow, aren’t you being a bit silly and over reactive?”

No, not when the third leading cause of death in this country is medical “error”.

Washington Post report


Ok, the crow is getting off that soapbox for now I think you can see where she stands on the issue of traditional allopathic care and where it is in today’s world.

I do feel we are at the worst, but it will turn around. My experience with a loving young daughter/physician and her mother showed me that.

In speaking with this young doctor, I “saw”the transformation of health care in Mississippi, and that means the totally allopathic path is a thing of the past, a relic…a dinosaur.

An Allopathic Allosaurus.

Rx is now T Rex.


Allopathic allosaurus…be gone!

And in its place, there is hope that the GOOD things that come from modern medicine can work with the good things of natural healing. They way it should be.

I won’t go on and on about healthcare for now, but I wanted to share.

people ARE awakening and standing in their own power. I exciting and a relief to see.

So…Allopathic  allosauruses…  be gone!

Let’s  welcome  in a new holistic mindset  in healthcare….together!










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