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End of Day, Mississippi

Sept 15, 2016. 6PM-ish.

I love to go for a walk or run in my small, rural Mississippi town. I have a route I take almost every time, and I love that I have lived over 50 years in Mississippi – long enough to know exactly how the foliage and trees change with the seasons, and how to notice those changes as they occur, year after year.

We are almost over summer. The hot colored blooms are nearing their end, and wild grasses will soon die back. Trees are already having a few falling leaves, and every so often we get a break in the humidity (although today was typical September evening (warm and muggy, damp and still, with LOTS of mosquitoes,gnats, ants and other critters). Magnolia is putting out her pods, and unfortunately, pecan is already dropping her fruits (its not time yet! it means they are rotten!)  Goldenrod is blooming (SNEEZE) and what we in the rural South always call “horse apples” are dropping (these are really Osage Orange – we have a grove of these in town, I my take photos this weekend if I get around to it).

I don’t usually end my day with a walk or run, I usually end my day on the deck with a BEER and my iPad. Today, I heard the call to go out, walk, be aware.. and so I did. There were some energetic changes I could feel, and I did a little of the “woo-woo” but basically, I just enjoyed my walk and I got to see the usual suspects you find on Mississippi rural roads…fast food wrappers, beer bottles, cigarette butts, the occasional condom (you knew that was coming, no pun intended) …but here in Mississippi we also find some very unique and unusual things on our rural roads.

Today was no different, and so I’ll share a few photos of the things I found today, for your amusement. Some of them are in the dark because it was night by the time I got back home. However, I assure you I was amused and I am ALWAYS amused and amazed at what I find on these Mississippi roads.  I should do a book!

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Most importantly, I ended my day in such a peaceful place  that I wanted to share it. It’s about 5 minutes  long so if you need instant stimulation and gratification, this isn’t something you will “like” or find interesting.

TO ME…to my crow-self…this is heaven.

I was called to “ground” today and so I did. And, in doing so I realized how much I needed it without realizing it. I had a sensation today that reminded me of what it was like when I was a kid and used to wander the woods, the creeks and the pastures around my home.  I’ll go so far as to say, for a few moments today…I WAS that kid again.

And it was bliss.

Be at peace friend. Spend time with yourself and your inner thoughts and go outside! even if you live in the city, you can find a tree, a park. You can find a place to see the sky or the water.

Hope you enjoy this end of day here in Mississippi…I sure did.





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