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Happy Fall Equinox (and special meditation)

Special meditation today from Cobras Portal website. They ask that we do it at the moment of the Equinox, Sept 22, 9:21am Central time. If you missed it, you can do anytime.

This meditation is for liberation from the Chimera group.

Please join if you feel so moved! Takes only a few moments to change things!

Other links  about Fall Equinox.  Enjoy and transform!

Official Arrival Times

Transforming Opportunity

Planetary Shift Timeline

A truly interesting read from the Event Chronicle!  Holy cow!


“* The great awakening commences between September 22nd and October 21st. The big energy wave will unleash the Truth and it will mark the end of the false reality and the outdated modalities. It will mark the beginning of the new Earth reality in the unified field of consciousness.

The Cartel will be exposed. Corrupt Pharmacy will be exposed. All Corruption will be exposed. Everything! This will continue on through the second half of 2016. And then a brand new Earth reality will appear after the Truth Sets us free from the layers and layers of lies that we have been living in.

There will be a mothership that will arrive in the 4th quarter 2016. The City-Size Ship was created by the Elohim Guardians with the help of the Galactic humanities of the cosmos. The good people will live their until the earth changes are completed. We are in the FINAL STAGE of this process that will complete by the end of 2016.”



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