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Subtle Activism, Arch of Triumph and Mr. Cati

mr-cat-post2A couple of important things have come into my awareness this week, and wanted to share before tomorrow:

1) I heard a fascinating interview on “Coast To Coast” with author David Nicol, whose new book is titled “Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation”. His interview explained so much about what I do on my “missions”

All the time I have been doing my travels/energy work to places around the globe, near and far, I never really understood what it was I was doing.

 Now I DO!

David calls it Subtle Activism and its what anyone does when they work on the energetic/dimensional/ consciousness planes of existence.

  • Doing a group meditation for peace? You are engaging in Subtle Activism.
  • Traveling to a scared site to clear it and to let go of old paradigms and ways of thinking in the world? Subtle Activism.
  • Creating a ceremony to manifest truth and disclosure of secrets being kept by the world governments? Yep, that’s Subtle Activism, too!

I began this blog, partly, to share the Crow Travels and missions (look up in the menu). Now I know what to call it!

2) I heard today that the recreation of the Arch of Triumph of Palmyra…the one destroyed by ISIL (remember that whole thing?) was erected first in Trafalgar Square in London on APRIL 19 (ahem, the Crow was there in 2014 doing ceremony, I mean Subtle Activism) …was moved to NYC and erected a few days ago on SEPT 19.

Why does that catch my attention? Other than these cabal types do EVERYTHING according to numerology and astrological alignments? Well, (and I don’t know how I missed this) they are erecting it in City Hall Park.

If you have kept up with Crowtravels, you know that the Brit and I landed in NYC that first day by getting off a train at CITY HALL PARK. And not knowing why!

There is something energetic about NYC City Hall… and we were led there.

It never, ever fails to amaze me that when “spirit” calls me to do these missions, I means subtle activisms…I always learn later there is a connection to something I was not aware of before.

 This Arch was originally built in dedication to Baal. If you remember, I gave MY interpretation of what an obelisk is, and its connection to Baal back during the summer 2016 mission in Crowtravels.

When I researched the  importance of days April 19, Sept 19, March 19, I found some interesting things:

This article partly explains to me at least the significance of March 19 and April 19 as blood sacrifice days:

Sept 19 is the 5-month mark from April…I have heard they follow a rule of “Fives”. Interestingly, the Arch is a replica built at 5.5.meters instead of full height. There is reference to the five month gap and the Bible prophecies…you can research all that yourself, as there are TONS of youtubes about this Arch and its importance!

Guys, these neo-con, New World Order types…Cabal, Illuminati, Luciferians, Republicans, Democrats…whatever you call them….they ARE out there doing their thing, in broad daylight and in dark secret. You can’t make this stuff up!

Its important to do what we can to counteract that negative energy they stir up. DO your Subtle Activism!

I was also called to watch some very interesting videos found on Starship Earth: the Big Picture.

The first one is about the Denver Airport. School bus crash on 9/11. . and I never put it together but that airport was dedicated on March 19. It’s a very informative film, 20 minutes, and lots in info about numerology, Freemasons, codes…Morgan Freemans granddaughter (he’s a local ) …just so much. Info about Charlotte Bank of America…and of course, where is the rioting this week? Charlotte. And then there’s that weird image at the 9/11/ site of the “angel” in the beam of light.

You may not enjoy it, but i found it pretty interesting, as well as BP’ s comments.

The second video is by a guy named “Mr. Cati (pronounced Mr. CAT- EYE)…and this guy is very, shall we say, INTERESTING. He’s way too smart for me, but he puts things together in ways I haven’t ever thought of. Plus, his name demands I listen..CAT-EYE..has to be good!

Bottom line in Mr. Cati’s video…, could something be happening Sept 23,24….what? Don’t know, but I know I’m doing more SUBTLE ACTIVISM this week than I have in some time.

He also has some diagrams that caught my attention, because they are out the exact places i visited on the NYC part of Summer 2016 mission!

Ill definitely be checking into Mr Cati more.

There’s a whole lot more going on that we know, and its good to do as much as you can to help. Follow your higher spirit and send out some GOOOOOOD energy.

Right where you are, anytime you think of it.

Lets make whatever they are planning fall flat.




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