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Messages in Nature

Black witch, black moon…death to the old, luck and love coming soon.

The Brit is here, and we took today off for ourselves, as it was spectacular here in Mississippi. We dusted off the old bikes and as we headed out for a ride, our attention was drawn up to the apex of the roof to see this HUGE moth.

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My shamanic teacher always told me that when a strange occurrence or unusual sighting happens in the animal world, you must pay attention.

After a lengthy search, we discovered it is the Black Witch moth, a rare site in these parts. It’s at least 7 inch wing span caused us to adore it for some time, marveling and wondering where in the world it came from!

Our guess after researching, is that the Carribean storm Matthew pushed it this way, or it was migrating.

Either way, it’s a potent shamanic message and so we looked up the meaning of this moth.

Moth in general is a harbinger of some message, and also has to do with smell (are you smelling a rat? Is the sweet smell of success nearby?) Funny, the Brit and I just yesterday placed some things into storage and he remarked about the smell in the storage buildings…and I said, oh yes, they use moth balls here in the USA to repel the mice and moths.

As with it’s cousin butterfly, moth is a symbol of change and transformation. Butterfly is a daytime creature, moth is of the night.

So the transition and change happens on the dark side of us, the shadows, the pain body and the past hurts.
Another interesting note: The black witch moth was the cocoon that Hannibel Lecture( from the book, Silence of the Lambs) placed into his victims mouth. (in the movie a different moth type was used)

Also, the black witch moth is a sign of death( in Mexico and the Caribbean) and or winning the lottery( in Texas) and of good luck( Mayan).

All quite contrasting messages!

And so, we choose to read the message in a way that suits us.(He’s choosing to win the lottery, and I’m choosing to transverse the challenges ive been facing).

After all, we are manifesting our own existence, we have a choice in how we see, feel and deal with all things here in the Earthly plane. We must choose wisely.

More research revealed that the Oracle Report today (October 2, 2016) has the following message: (there is much more than this excerpt, so please visit and read it all, but this portion seemed pertinent to today for us)


“The potent energetics of the Black Moon activate later today as the Moon joins the Black Moon to travel through the sign of Scorpio. Thus, we enter a “Black Moon Day,” when light seeks entry into darkness to eliminate what does not serve the highest and best, and also to bring about true love in any form….(and my true love the Brit is here ;-))

……P.S. For those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Taurus (the Crow has black moon in Taurus, and the Brit IS Taurus) or Scorpio: You are halfway through the tunnel of the Black Moon’s underworld. Life may feel quite dark for you right now.(Quite) Remember that you are undergoing a massive rebirth, one that happens for nine months only every nine years. It will end on February 14, 2017, when you are reborn with a new heart, so to speak, just in time for Valentine’s Day. You are your valentine, did you know?

If you did not, the Black Moon seeks to teach you. When the Black Moon transits Scorpio, we tend to “infill” (fill a void) through the material world/the outer world/the other. We also tend to feel the sting of our “losses.” Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld, and when his consort, the Black Moon, transits his underworld, stings from losses are not only more painful, but tend to center around pain from relationships, especially romantic relationships.

Go outdoors and convene with the natural world. Nature will take the grief if we ask. Ask. Try it.(nothing does the job like grounding)

Also, writing down your feelings and then balling up the paper and throwing it in the trash (or whatever) is often helpful with this transit. (will do!)

Your old self is degenerating while your new self is emerging. Emergence does not fully happen until February, ( what? !) so in the meantime, rest when you are tired( which has been frequently) The Black Moon transit makes us tired for a reason. It wants us to rest so that it can do its work, which happens at the deepest levels of consciousness.

You are undergoing the Flight of the Phoenix, and will be a stronger, calmer, more connected version of yourself by the end.”( thank god!)


Well, I certainly hope so, as it’s been a rough go for a few months and losing my dear friend, Jamy, in August has been hard to cope with. Much harder than I anticipated.

But, I feel the Black Witch month is actually a sign from my departed friend, who enjoyed the natural world as much as I do, and we often sat outside and watched the changing seasons and noted habits of the birds, the bats, the squirrels, etc., and how life followed a cycle, a circle.

He’s sent this unusual moth to tell me that things will come around, and be good again.

I’m reminded today of something he said to me at the end of his cancer journey…one of the last coherent things he said before falling under the drug morphine…

I looked at him across the bed, in his wasted state and said how sorry I was. He knew what I meant, without the need for me to explain. A loving moment passed between us.

I smiled and said, ” this royally sucks.” He replied, “Yes, yes it does.” And his shallow eyes glinted just a tiny bit, and he added, “ but it’s about to get a whole lot better, real soon”

I knew then that he would die, and within days.

Today, as I pondered the meanings of all I had discovered about the Black Witch moth, I heard him say I his unique voice,” it’s about to get a whole lot better, and real soon

Life in 3-d can be hard. But what an experience! As a soul from somewhere far away, I can say I am grateful for the opportunity to be here, and for the helping, healing spirits…both moth and human, who help me through the rough patches.

It seems a long way off to February, but I’m choosing to experience all the things until then fully, and to know that I am supported even when its a rough go.

Thank you beautiful Black Witch Moth.

Kisses and hugs, Jamy. And to everyone.


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