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It’s David Wilcock time


It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!!!!!!!!!

And it has an obelisk on the cover!!!!!!

You all know how much I LOVE David Wilcock. Anything by David always has my full attention. I preordered this back in the spring and it’s been a looooooong six month wait to finally get it my hands. I have both of his other books, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key. They are both mind blowing, and I expect this one will be,too.

David’s explosive and enourmous information/archive/editorial site is Divine Cosmos. Here’s the recent post he made about his book, and waaaaaaaay down at the end is a video about the book:

Also, David’s recent interview with George Noory in Coast to Coast was fascinating as always (he’s the second half of the show, although I highly recommend listening to Glynis McCants in the first half, too!), and he talks a lot about the book, and about the new revelations on Gaia TVs Cosmic Disclosure, which he hosts together with secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode.

Most incredulous are the recent Season 5 episodes with William Tompkins, (episodes 10,11,12) and Clifford Stone (episodes 13,14,15)

Here’s a short  video about William Tompkins done by by Dr. Michael Salla of, who is also a great resource of valuable news if you are waking up to the extraterrestrial presence in our government)


Tompkins is 93 years old…and fully credible. It’s an amazing set of espisodes, and will leave your jaw on the floor.

Here’s Salla’s breakdown and review of the Clifford Stone interview done by Wilcock:


I saw these recently and it’s riveting to watch Stone. His memories are so intense and his interactions with aliens via his role in the military so incredulous I was literally on the edge of my seat.   (Spoiler: have some tissue nearby, you may cry as I did.)

I’m sharing and endorsing all these sources of information, as they are all great ways to expand your reality, learn and grow….while being entertained.

Davids Amazon book link:

Gaia TV (where David hosts 3 shows: Cosmic Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings and Disclosure):

I’ll post more concerning all of these resources and the information that is breaking as I can. For now, I’d like to leave you with a chuckle:

I loved this video (found over at Corey’s youtube vlog ) and laughed myself silly at parts (especially David’s new dew!) Thanks to KP for the heads up. Watch it to the end (Corey likes to show credits before the final images).


It’s good to laugh…how else will we survive all this?





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