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Update on Germany Alert

More info on the Germany story. I’m posting all of this, but use your discernment. (I’m having it checked out with some personal European contacts.)

For now, it seems Simon Parks may be the real deal. However, I always keep myself open to the fact that ANYTHING can be disinfo.

We have all been lied to so much by so many sources, its really hard to know what to believe.  However, I do gravitate toward this info as being supported, because I have found the info in the past from Simon and especially from Kerry Cassidy to be based in truth, and in good intentions for us, the average people.

So here we go: strap in and get ready. As I said in the previous post, we are headed for a real adventure and it may be a rough ride for a while. Be prepared, and let go of fear. Its all going to work out.

Here is the link directly to Simon Parks page.

Aug 24 video deals with message to the German people.

Aug 28 has more detailed info for Germany and Czech republic.

SEPT 1 is long and full of info .

 I’m Inserting the Sept 1 interview done by Kerry Cassidy yesterday:

I’ll post a MP3 when I can so that you can listen to it while driving, etc instead of watching it.

Highlights: Simon posted his first alert and by the next day, German chancellor Merkel’s motorcade was attacked.–8706692

He states this is an attempt to start a 3rd world war. Germany was the starting point of the 2 previous WW’s, and he reports American tanks in central Europe are moving to positions, an offensive stance. case you missed it….our own POTUS has also told Americans to be prepared…naming September as National Preparedness Month.

although he also mentions you go to your nearest FEMA shelter (not!).  If you are prepared, have your own food and water, then stay put. You’ll have a front row seat to the coming attractions and the whole “play” as the curtain rises. No one can make you go to a shelter if you don’t want to.

Folks, if you have time, please listen to or watch the Simon Parks/Kerry Cassidy interview. There is ALOT of info here, including the coming acknowledgment of the off world societies, star wars, and alien races.You dont have to buy into it, but listening to it will at least keep you informed about where we are in this thing. If nothing else, you understand how MANY people are actively involved in this and this will give you an understanding of what’s happening, should a false flag or military action occur. The good guys are out there doing their part!

Remember…YOU do not have to be in fear. YOU can prepare and do your part by staying in a peaceful state and not buying into the fear porn and drama.

MY TAKE: on this is that what we are about to experience is a collapse of the financial system as we know it, the fiat-make-believe-money/debt paradigm.

I really think Deutsche Bank  (Germany’s large bank)is about to go under. Already they are refusing to pay out gold to people who hold gold certificates.

According to Simon, Deutsche Bank can barely balance its books at the end of each day, and everyone is just waiting for the day the chains go up on the doors.

Here in the US, the big banks are Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo…get your money into a local credit union or small town bank. And keep some cash!

He tells that in the UK, the banks have aright to take your money if they “need” it. And they don’t have to necessarily replace it either. He recommends taking your money OUT and I’m not sure, but I think we already have that sort of thing in place in the US as well. And, we have already seem the negative interest rates being implemented in the erozone, Sweden, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland

(BBC news:

So…as I have ALWAYS said, you may not want to learn about how money works, but you’re going to have to if you want to understand what is driving the world and these “seemingly” chaotic times.

Its ALL about the money!

The financial house of cards is collapsing and the ones who have been in change of it are DESPERATE to stop the fall any way they can: distraction, war, climate control, fake viruses…

If any of this “collapse”comes, it will be a challenge. You may feel anxious, you may feel afraid, but you also can CHOOSE to be in control of your life.Be a grown-up!

SO..again…be prepared. Things cannot get any clearer, my friends. Have food, water, batteries and CASH on hand for at least 3 weeks, 2 at minimum. (if it turns out you don’t need it, all the better!)

I’m planning a post later to tell you a few things you can do, if you don’t already know what to do (which you probably do if you’re remembering Katrina!)

This change, should it come this month, won’t last forever and it will lead to our coming out of the darkness at last. And I’m talking about the darkness we’ve been in for past couple of thousand years, i.e. the deception and manipulation of the “people” by the “elites”.

WE ARE rising to our highest vibration and making a better world. We DO have amazing people working behind the scenes.You can support this effort by doing your part: join in a group  meditation such as the one that’s been going on for 4 years each Sunday at the Portal 2012 site:

Or create your own ceremony, mediation, peace wheel, prayer vigil…your good energy is needed! It’s YOUR/OUR world, do your part!

Last advice from Simon:

  • DON’T travel in Sept if at all possible
  • DO watch the daily gold and silver prices. If you see a sudden spike, we can expect something to occur within a week to 10/12 days. (these guys always know ahead and get their money going.)

More coming…







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