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Interesting times

I’m a bit behind, but I’m posting lots of info this weekend. This post was meant to go out last week, but I just didnt get to it. Nevertheless, its important and I have more on the story. For now, here’s the first “alert” of the past week:

Interesting  Reuter’s article from Aug 21 says:

“For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government plans to tell citizens to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper reported on Sunday.”

The story goes, its because of radical Jihad terrorism.  And, that could very well be…but not in the way you think.

I just found this short 2 min video by Simon Parks at Alexandra Meador’s site and thought I’d share. Many of us are feeling that things are shaking up fast and furiously, and that by Septembers end all will be different. Here’s Simon’s take on the real scoop

Other commentators are talking chaos in Europe and UK as well.

Over here in America? well…I don’t care WHO you are, we all feel the tension building, the absolute craziness of the coming “voting-in” of the new puppet for the CIC…(yea, you know its rigged !) and it doesn’t matter who wins, either way, the POTUS will continue to be a puppet and under control.

More and more we are hearing the election may not even happen. There are posts coming out that the government is preapring statements to the effect that IF a candiate dies or something major happens before the election, it will be postponed… and maybe even put us under military action.

One things for sure, they are working hard to scare us and to control us.

There’s the totally laughable Zika/vaccine money making scheme, as well as the ridiculous story from good neighbor Louisiana concerning the Cajun Navy, who saved hundred of their community when our poor, poor government was sitting around with their thumbs up their ass.(Seems Cajun Navy were too well organized and efficient, and now the “gov’mint” wants to regulate them and prevent them from helping their own people.)

I find myself shaking my head more and more every day.

Yes, it IS an illusion, and I AM glad I’m here to see and be a part of this most amazing time in the universe.

I really am.

I’m just tired of all the bullshit.

BTW, I remember Katrina, don’t you? Seems like yesterday, doesn’t it? You never know when a storm may come, and that includes  the man-made types.

In fact, everyone I know feels a big change is coming. I certainly  feel a time of unusual, chaotic upheaval approaching,  but I DO NOT intend to react or feed the fear

But I do plan to prepare. And you should, too.

Please, take time to stock up on your own supplies (3 weeks worth), cash money, and keep a full tank.  I’m thinking its only going to be a few weeks and we sill have something really big happening.

Could be a natural disaster, a false flag, a political surprise or an event like disclosure or maybe something we haven’t thought of yet.

Whatever it is, let’s resolve to just watch it, observe it and allow it to play out if we can. There are good guys, White Hats, behind the scenes making sure we are on track for the most amazing, awesome and mind splitting/paradigm shifting/new reality changes of all time.

It’s the getting there that may be a bit of a rough ride.

Just be ready for anything. I mean ANYTHING.

Prepare, and continue to do your own good medicine, meditate, do a peace ceremony or anything at all to add your energy to the positive healing direction. We are co-creating our existence, so lets create something wonderful.

More to come…




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