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Sol is the LEADER OF ALL

The new Gaia Portal says what I have known for a long time…

First steps of the New Gaia creation are taken

1 Feb

gaia_energy1First steps of the New Gaia creation are taken.

Moon seekers are disappointed.

hu-beings recognize Sol as the leader of all.

Fares of compliance to the High Energetics are increased.



Of course in my universe that means Sol the Shaman Reiki Cat. Officially, Mr. Solomon Tiddles



KP beat me to the punch in posting this important Gaia Portal update, but since he gets a tiny bit more traffic than I do (well OK, so it’s 35.5 million more) it’s all good. My kitty is famous!

For you cat lovers, I’ll reveal that Solomon came to me about 4 years ago, right about summer solstice time.  Like the 4 previous animals that showed up before him, I was planning to ONLY foster care him until finding him a home…of course, now we see who was in really charge, and who got his way.

He chose me, and I resisted for a time. But Sol whispered to me each day, in his best feline Jon Luc Picard voice, “Resistance is futile.”


I never had a cat own me before, I always had big dogs as my buddies.  It’s been both a trying and rewarding experience, and I would never have believed I could be so in love with a ginger-colored-ball-of-feisty-supremacy.



Is it time for my massage yet?


I have no idea why I named him Solomon…you don’t hear that name too often here in Mississippi….but, that’s what he told me his name was, so I agreed to call him that.

The Brit added the “Mr. Tiddles” part, and the full royal name was born.(Apparently the British call their cats “tiddles” the same way we say “kitty”.)


That’s Mr.Tiddles, to you. And don’t turn your back on me when you leave the room.


Sol has the run and the reign of the house and the neighborhood, with the exception of the joker/dancer/”troublemaker”  Black Jack, a lithe black and white tuxedo who slithers over from a neighboring house to taunt my dear one and challenge him for territory.

I’ve heard sounds coming from these two I have NEVER heard before anywhere! And I used to work for a veterinarian!

These boys seems to hate each other, yet they can’t stay away from each other.

Men.  ( 😜 )

Oh well, now that I know what Sol’s real job is (Leader of ALL in case you missed it), I’ll be a bit more forgiving when he stomps my face at 3 am to go outside. Or when he attacks my ankle to play hide and seek or chase, or seduces me to pet him then”love bites” my arm to a bloody pulp while bunny kicking me furiously.

I always seem to fall for that seduction thing. (Every cat owner keeper slave is now shaking his/her head.)



I’m showing my belly, don’t you want to rub it? Hmmmmmmmm?


He’s actually a fantastic and amazing cat, never ever torn or chewed anything or ripped up one curtain or couch. Never had an accident in the house.  He’s definitely regal, charming, intelligent, funny and cuddly beyond compare, and an athlete who flies up trees and runs like the wind to find me when I whistle for him.

Yes he does!

I’m so tickled that the Cosmic Beings who write Gaia Portal have finally acknowledged my perfect purr-er partner and pal.  Yes, things are looking up!


More importantly, as KP told me “Well, now you know your true purpose in life…to take care of the Leader of All”

I guess it ain’t such a bad job to have, now is it?


I’ll be up soon to lead the All.


crowcaws   sol-cat


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