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The Kidnapping of Hawai’i: A Coast to Coast Interview

The illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai’i in 1893 is not a new story, but may be new to you.

This February 13 interview of Dr. David Keanu Sai on Coast to Coast with George Noory was both entertaining, inspiring and educational.  I liked the way in which Dr. Sai presented his information: a non-emotional, just the facts maa’m style…and I say that not because I don’t think it IS an emotional issue, it certainly is…but because its going to take people who can rise above their emotions to explain to the uneducated and the stubborn and the criminals in charge how it really is, and how it’s always been.


Dr. David Keanu Sai


George Noory, C2C


My opinion: The result will ultimately be the experience of truth, without the protesting or “warring for peace”.

If, at this point, you are confused about the “Kingdom” thing, you’re not alone.  Like the rest of the world, I too, (until 1999) was ignorant of the truth, due to the rewriting of history: also known as “getting an education” or as some call it, brainwashing. We’ve been lied to all our lives: Hawai’i is NOT a state. Never has been.

I learned the real story when I traveled to Hawai’i for the first of what would be a decade of lengthy trips, my original “awakening”, back in 1999.

One of the things I noticed each year while on Maui, were groups of “sovereigns” or “Hawai’ian Nationals”, protesting and holding meetings all over the island. I did not understand until I did my own research.

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And then I saw Dr. Jon Kamakawiwo’ole Osorio* on a History Channel presentation. At the end of that show, I knew the truth, and further research by Dr. Osorio gave me even more about Hawai’ian history.

The true story of the Kingdom of Hawai’i has been well documented and presented in numerous formats – film documentaries, research papers, legal suits and even an official statement and apology by the United States government through a Joint resolution(see  UNITED STATES PUBLIC LAW 103-150, 103d Congress Joint Resolution 19, Nov. 23, 1993)

“…the logical consequences of this resolution would be independence.”

– Senator Slade Gorton, US Senate Congressional Record
Wednesday, October 27, 1993, 103rd Cong. 1st Sess.


So what happened? If our government has apologized, why hasn’t the “wrong” ever been “righted”?

What a missed opportunity by our past presidents to show America’s integrity, especially missed by Hawai’ian born President Barrack Obama. Wouldn’t that have been awesome?

The Coast to Coast show I’ve highlighted here is worth your time to listen to, and will be a great starting point for your “re-education”  or more fittingly, your deprogramming.

In addition, I’m posting links at the bottom so that you can do more reading and become even more enlightened.

NOTE: Before I begin its necessary to point out that when I did my research on Dr. Sai, a link came up stating his conviction of a class ‘B” felony, having to do with him trying to help people during the mortgage crisis. None of this changes the facts about what Dr. Sai presents in the Coast interview. You can read his conviction for yourself, but read it all. And read between the lines. Of course the USA government is not going to allow the argument Dr. Sai used to try to help people get relief from their mortgages. To do so would admit the reality that Hawai’i is not under US jurisdiction.  And let’s not forget that the whole mortgage crisis was created by the bankster groups who the American people then were forced to bail out with our hard earned tax dollars. He speaks to the mortgage issue in the interview, second hour. As always, use your discernment-TAC


In hour one and two of the February 13 , 2017 Coast to Coast with George Noory, Dr. Sai educates us about his own awakening, and shares these facts:
  • When the Kingdom of Hawai’i was overthrown it was not a savage Pacific jungle land.
  • Hawai’i was already established as a nation of the world.
  • Hawai’i had universal healthcare at no cost in its hospitals. It was in the government budget to care for its people.
  • Education: illiteracy rate was lower on the world list than that of Scotland….by five places.
  • Had treaties with France, Great Britain, Russia, Norway, Sweden…all the great nations. It was accepted and part of the family of nations, with treaties and trade throughout the world.
Kidnapping of the Kingdom of Hawai’i


  • Sai explains that Hawai’i was “kidnapped” but being treated like it was adopted.
  • Hawaii was forcefully annexed without a treaty.
  • There was no war with Hawai’i.
  • There was no disagreement between the two countries that led to war. This was not the takeover of a country in order to free people from tyranny.
  • It was a deliberate, planned and executed coup
  • It was a crime…the takeover of a nation in order to obtain favorable military positioning (gaining Pearl Harbor).
  • Erasing the evidence of past culture, stories, treating as though it never happened, and creating a new story that will be taught through the education system so that following generations don’t know the truth is called denationalization, also Americanization.

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George at one points asks:

“Is it almost like if we made Iraq another state? What if we decided to make Iraq or Afghanistan another state, is it the same thing in your opinion?”

Dr. Sai, a former US military captain, explains that for that to happen under law, there has to be a valid treaty. “If Hawai’i had joined the United States under treaty, I wouldn’t be talking like this, and I would probably be a colonel in the army.”

George relates his feeling of doubt that the US will ever admit that Hawai’i is not a part of this country.

Dr  Sai ‘s reply: “Its not dependent on whether the kidnapper acknowledges the kidnapping. The truth speaks for itself.”

I also loved this exchange with George and Dr Sai:


G:  What would happen, Keanu, if everybody says, ‘so alright, Hawaii is not the fiftieth state, you’re on your own, goodbye, go do your thing…and China said, “were taking over Hawai’i”.

I mean, what would happen then?

Dr. Sai: Well, they actually wouldn’t take over Hawai’i, because Hawai’i is neutral.

G: I mean what if they rolled in troops and things like that?

Dr. Sai: Well if they rolled in troops, then it would be no different than what the United States did in 1898. You still have an occupation.  You know, so the key here is, its not trying to predict what could or would or should happen, but rather what actually happened already.

And if Hawaii is not a part of the United States, which it’s not, then how do you resolve that issue?

  • Dr. Sai further explains that treaties in existence before the kidnapping are still in effect. Therefore, it’s is not a Hawai’i-America problem, it’s an international one.
  • It doesn’t matter if the US ever admits to this…they have to be able to deny the facts.
  • And, of course the US cannot deny what actually occurred.
  • Will the US be willing to “police” its own theft, and offer justice for Hawaii?
  • Likely not, and so the answer may have to come from the international community. The nations that still have treaties with the Kingdom of Hawai’i.
Calls from the Audience


George took calls from the audience. Some were very interesting, and I really loved this response by Dr. Sai to an asshole angry caller:

Angry Asshole Caller Gus from Arizona:  “George, I agree. I think America should pull out (of Hawai’i), should flatten every building there, taking the entire infrastructure, take the fire stations, the police stations, the hospitals, the schools, remove the military, the airports the seaports, and they (Hawai’ians) can go the way of Rhodisia and Zimbabwe.”  (ed. note:South African country of Rhodesia gained its independence from Britain in 1980 and became Zimbabwe, and has suffered economically and politically for many reasons…undoubtedly this caller believes Hawaii would suffer the same fate)

George Take everything back that we built-what do you think of that, David?

Dr Sai: Well, actually America didn’t build it-the police departments the fire departments the courts-everything came from 1845. The only thing that the United States brought here was a change in the name of the government, but they didn’t create the government. And that’s important to know. And if America..whatever America brought here, as far as personal property and moveable property? They can take it, that’s not a problem, but they can’t take real properties (land). So, it’ll be like Subic Bay (Phillipines) and the US Naval Base that was there. They took everything that was moveable, but everything permanent stayed. And that’s just part of real estate.

Its not an issue of America burning things down and taking things that they never had. It really just getting educated first in what’s going on, and how do you fix this problem. You can’t deny the fact that this is what happened, and uh, it’s really ‘how do you fix it?’…”

*I applaud Dr. Sai’s ability to stay calm and to stay in the moment and handle emotional communications with dignity and good manners. This is diplomacy at its finest.

George asks the $64,000 question: Could Hawai’i exist without the United States?

Dr. Sai: Absolutely. The question is, DID Hawai’i exist before the United States?

  • Dr. Sai points out that to understand what Hawai’i was BEFORE US occupation is key to understanding what Hawai’i can be after US occupation.
  • Treaties with other nations are still in effect….(especially Pacific Nations and China)… and could be revitalized and bring prosperity.
  • At the end, Dr. Sai proves this point:  Cargo ships from Asia travel to western US mainland ports to get and carry goods…when what they would be doing (If Hawai’i was still a Kingdom)  would be traveling to and from Hawai’i! For instance, Indonesian pecans must travel to US mainland and then back to Hawai’i…when under Hawaiian treaties, they could have been coming straight to Hawai’i.

And there you have it, my friends: there are two main reasons that the US government will try to keep Hawai’i under occupation. Money and military power.

George asks, why didn’t the Japanese want Hawai’i during the war?

Dr. Sai says, because they are a neutral country. No one is supposed to occupy a neutral country.

Of course, that exchange glaringly reinforces the truth, doesn’t it? The whole world knows better, but the United States did what they wanted and continues to do what they want, regardless of law and even common human understanding among nations.



Will the kidnapping of Hawai’i ever see justice? We can only pray – but it’s story can be told, and the truth can be revealed.

All we have to do is share what we know.

And, if you really want to engage the Hawaiian aloha spirit, you can practice ho’oponopono, the spiritual forgiveness of all unjust things that come into your awareness.







Ed note: I have a true love and connection to Hawai’i. My parents were both stationed at Pearl Harbor and met there. My visits to Hawai’i changed my perspective, my physical and spiritual being, my awareness and my life.  I have engaged the spirit of Pele’, and she works with me and through me as I work on the volcano energies in Jackson, MS. My deep connection with my friend and brother Kauilapele allows me to keep the energetic flow in place to her sacred lands and waters.  I will ALWAYS hold and keep and honor Hawai’i in a sacred way. May her people receive justice and freedom, and may it be now~aho!


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