What’s a “mission”? and what is “shoo”?

SO …what is a mission, you ask?

I’m a person who follows the ways of peace, love and understanding (and I mean that sincerely, and I’m not talking unicorns and rainbows here…although I’m cool with that!).  Its often hard “work” to engage energies that feel low, negative, dark and unproductive. These are just labels, though.  A person working in the energy realms knows exactly what is meant by these terms, and we all have our own “take” on how we process and “judge” these energies.

I’m choosing to just see them as…well, something to observe, occasionally experience and to make a conscious choice NOT to engage.

I have the opinion that I can choose how to react, act, and view what I encounter.

I make a choice. I don’t allow, I don’t consent to these energies being in my experience, and when I encounter them I choose to use my peaceful energy to shoo them away.

“Shoo” is a very important spiritual term in the  Deep South . 😉

I’ve always been a person who has to follow my own inner guidance. Im often out of the loop, out of sync with the “normal” people and doing my own thing (which others usually can’t understand! ha!)  But that’s OK. Im choosing today to share with you about ceremonial work, and how it works FOR ME. That is,  how I do it. 

MISSION: I hear, feel understand that I need to go to a certain place on the earth and do … something.   Nothing more, nothing less.

So what do I do? First, I listen to my inner guidance, which usually says something like, “Crow, you should go to (place) and do a ceremony to remove the low energies from that (event) that took place back in (date). ”

Or, maybe I hear, ” Hey Crow, get your drum and go up the road about 10 miles. You’ll see a place to pull off the road, walk back into the woods, and drum for a time to call back the ancestral energies”

And sometimes I hear, ” Pack the car, Crow, you’re gonna travel to (some place in the world) and do this (ceremony) for peace and healing.”

I’ve been called to some places nearby, and some places far away. I always go, even if it take me years to finally figure out how to get there. Some missions are easier than others. Some are more fun that others.Some are more simple, some are extremely difficult.

Some call me, and….well, I say,  “what? you want me to do what????

Such is the case with the Big Adventure Summer 2016.

So,today …6-11-16, I’m sharing with you some of this mission.

Please be patient, I’m new to this (posting thing)

My hope is that, ultimately, you too, will begin to hear ” the call” to spread some peace and good energy on this planet, to do what you can, wherever you go, to share your wishes for abundance, understanding, truth, disclosure ….and let’s put an end to this crazy matrix paradigm thats been programmed into us.

Let’s step out of the play, let’s become the director, let’s rewrite the script.




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