Surviving the Transition-Corey Goode

It’s been a good, long while since I posted here at Crowcaws, and I apologize to everyone who has emailed me with concern.  Thank you for checking in. The Crow is doing OK, but like everyone else, I have been transitioning…and not without some painful growing pains.

Crow Scream

Human experience can be a challenge…UNDERSTATEMENT!


It’s been a tough go for quite some time here in Crow-world.  If it’s true that evolution is only gained through stress, then I’m evolving, re-evolving and revolving!

For a little while more I won’t be able to post much here, as 3-D reality has me by the feathers, and I’m being tested as I walk the razor’s edge between worlds.  It’s the shamans way, the visionary’s path to walk, and I long ago accepted this challenge.

So I walk…and I fly. 

Meanwhile, I’ve come across many new things that have crash landed in my awareness, and while I’m unable to post them all, this one by Corey Goode literally shifted my vibration  so much I decided to take a moment and share it with you.

As always, use your discernment. There are things here I don’t necessarily agree with, but I do feel Corey presents some things that inform us, via the Blue Avians, and assist us in choosing our path to enlightenment.

It was fascinating and affirming that Corey talks about how clearing our TRAUMAS is key right now to preparing for the Event. This has never been more evident, both for myself and my clients, in my work as a Reiki Master and shamanic practitioner.  Soul retrieval, including rewriting our soul-contracts, claiming and rewriting our life story…it is EXACTLY what is being described.

Free will is the power we have been talked out of. It’s OURS, and it’s the one thing that scares the living shit out of “them” that have been in control. Take it back!


So here is Corey’s presentation from a Mount Shasta event… take what you need, and leave the rest.

Enjoy the shift.



PS.  Corey presented this past weekend at Contact in the Desert, so you may wish to do some searches about that, or visit and look at the episodes of Cosmic Disclosure (with David Wilcock) where Corey talks about his experiences with the Anshar, the Alliance and other briefings on current events. (And one day I’ll get to Contact in the Desert! I MUST see Georgio Tsoukalos and David!)

It’s hard not to binge on this stuff, but remember to practice balance, and walk the beauty way.  

When things get hectic and crazy and  begin to spin…just say, “I am gentle, I am kind, I live my purpose in ease and grace”.  Move slower, breathe slower.  Make time your own, instead of it owning you (the Crow reminds herself!)

Until next we meet, Caw-love to you!





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