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Return Flight


Coming Home

Its been two months since the last post at Crowcaws, due to a lot of personal events and things needing attention.  Thank you to everyone who has been writing in – all is OK and I appreciate the good wishes and being missed!

The world is flipping and flopping and hipping and hopping….and we all must stay grounded and aware. There are alot of low energy and low vibrational antics, events, provokings, and seductive gossip.  And not just in the crazy main stream media, but in the lightworker community.

It’s getting dicey, testy, bumpy … I know its been a hard ride for a few months, but we CAN handle it.

Use your discernment and ask: Does this feeling serve me or inhibit me?   Does it support me or leave me floundering?   Do I FEEL GOOD or do I feel afraid, despondent and unsure?

The only place to go is FORWARD, to the HAPPY PLACE.  Run to it!!! Fly!!!!!!

Keep your eye on the prize and never waver, no matter what. Stay steady!

Crowcaws will be back with updates, posts and new information, very soon. Thank you for your patience and for being out there doing your work!




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